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    Hey, y'all!

    In this thread, you can report threads that contain spam, advertising links, phishing links, referral links, and in general any threads that violate the Gamehag rules.

    Best regards,

    2 august 2020 20:23 8411

    Greetings again! It seems this group has become my favourite here.
    I just hope I'm not too intrusive, as I sincerely wish to be helpful.

    Thread: Roblox or Roblox?
    Reason: A thread might seem funny, but it's really non-informative and "about nothing". Plus, it contains a lot of spam and duplicate comments. Sorry if I'm wrong still.

    4 august 2020 12:37 8411

    @Aonb Banned spammers & deleted the thread. Thank you for helping us keep the forum clean! :)

    4 august 2020 13:04 8411

    Hello! It seems that I have the same passion as @Aonb by helping out the community. I hope that my contribution helps! :)

    Thread: Borrow me soul gems
    Reason: This user has been pleading other users on GameHag for Soul Gems. I think that this is a form of "Begging" for other's hard work (Three times) and not completing tasks himself/herself. Plus, this thread doesn't even have any useful content.

    This user should be taught on what forums are for.
    It is for users to clarify their doubts or give some useful tips for other users to make Gamehag a better place.

    4 august 2020 15:09 8411

    Thread: Comments, reviews and ratings of the game World of Warships - Free Premium Bonus!
    Reason: The abundance of offtopic spam, comments in foreign languages ​​(mainly Turkish and Russian) and especially the duplication of other people's comments.
    Additional information: Also I spent some time finding and reporting most of duplicate comments, and, if that would help, here are some recurring ones which appear in whole or in part. Of course there are much more, but these ones appears most often:
    a) is there is a only ships i think there is a warplanes am i correct ;
    b) love this game it has good graphics but i hate how the task keep rejecting ;
    c) tbh its actually really boring, it took long for me to do the task bc i kept on looking at my phone out of boredom ;
    d) reached level 5 in 1 and a half hour. The game was boring, with the same over an over again .

    4 august 2020 20:43 8411

    Thread: y7ehfhfudy
    Reason: Spam

    5 august 2020 09:57 8411

    @AnimationPr0 Both threads removed. Thanks :)

    5 august 2020 10:08 8411

    Thread: Free robux
    Reason: Advertising, spam, begging for donations.

    6 august 2020 10:28 8411

    Thread: Game Hag Price
    Reason: Repeated topic/Invalid topic.

    Sorry for the previous comment. It seems that the active link is not put in for some reason. Thanks @Aonb for reminding me. :)

    6 august 2020 10:48 8411

    @Aonb Well, I'll take action against this, but not now because this thread contains around 70 pages, and it will take hours to delete all this spam.

    But someday, when I got some leisure time, I'll try to remove at least 50% of the spam comments in there.

    Thank you for the report! :)

    6 august 2020 12:08 8411

    @Aonb Oh, and about the Free Robux thread; it's removed and the user who created it is banned.

    Thank you for the report :)

    6 august 2020 12:11 8411

    @AnimationPr0 The thread is deleted now. Thanks :)

    6 august 2020 12:14 8411

    To @t4tsumihyaku : Yes, I understand you absolutely. Sorry for mentioning this quite long thread, I just wanted to help, nothing more. And thank you very much for your work! I can only imagine how tiring it is to deal with this sort of thing every day.

    Thread: robuxrobuxrobuxrobuxrobuxrobuxrobuxrobux∞
    Reason: Spam

    6 august 2020 12:26 8411

    @Aonb Haha, thank you for understanding :D

    The thread is removed. Thanks :P

    6 august 2020 12:29 8411

    Thread: ez exp for all
    Reason: Spam/allowing other's to spam.

    6 august 2020 14:30 8411

    Thread: https://gamehag.com/forum/t/190882-who-want-xp-xp-spam-here11

    Reason: Spam/xp thread.

    6 august 2020 16:11 8411

    Thread: Hi!!! do you want to level up?
    Reason: Useless topic/repeated topic

    7 august 2020 07:32 8411

    Thread: https://gamehag.com/forum/t/373618-freee-exp-on-gamehag
    Reason: Spam thread.

    7 august 2020 09:31 8411

    Thread: https://gamehag.com/forum/t/374769-chat-for-xp-
    Reason: Yet another spam thread.

    8 august 2020 10:47 8411

    Thread: Can somebody lend me soul gems?
    Reason: Irrelevant topic/Not begging but asking for soul gems.

    Thread: gamehag xp

    Reason: Repeated topic (with obvious answer)/Probably asking it just for xp.

    Thread: What can I write in articles?
    Reason: Repeated topic.

    Thread: How hard is it to reach lvl 3?
    Reason: Repeated topic.

    P.s Advice is taken seriously from previous comment from t4tsumihyaku.

    8 august 2020 14:33 8411

    @AnimationPr0 All threads removed :) Thanks.

    11 august 2020 08:13 8411

    @blood375 Handled. Thank you :)

    11 august 2020 08:14 8411

    @FaizKTG Both threads removed. Thank you for the report! :D

    11 august 2020 08:16 8411

    @Serene47 The thread is removed. Next time, provide links to the threads you're reporting.
    Thank you for the report.

    16 august 2020 13:04 8411

    Thread link : https://gamehag.com/forum/t/382207-hyugsdhuahicf
    Reason: spam

    26 august 2020 11:57 8411

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