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    Does this site have an acual support feature?

    I'm not sure if this is the proper forum for this, but the support on this site is incredibly misleading, and as far as I can tell, there's no way to actually contact staff. The "create a ticket" feature doesn't actually allow you to create a ticket. It's just a series of automated, branching questions and answers from "Misty." I tried emailing the site directly and it tells me they can't respond via email, and to just use their ticket feature.

    I've seen atleast one person say they managed to get in contact with an admin in a recent thread (one of the many about tasks being rejected for unclear reasons), but there was no indication how to do so. Nothing on their Facebook page either. I remember awhile ago "Misty" used to actually talk to you, but it's purely automated now. Pretty bad how they've made it so unclear on how support works (possibly basically disabling it altogether) when they're openly pressuring users to complete tasks like they're doing now and people have so many difficulties getting them completed.

    I've also seen quite a few threads where there's replies from "Misty", but they're completely blank- what's this about?

    30 july 2020 04:31 1628

    i am completely a month long task too if it gets rejected ill be furious but yeah haven't seen much action on the support i judt ask the people over on discord

    30 july 2020 16:31 1628

    blood375: Yeah, I found it, thanks. This isn't the first time I've had to deal with a site where the actual contact is under a very specific part of their Q&A, Steam had this for ages (probably still does.)

    30 july 2020 16:33 1628

    Yeah, contacting support is a bit more convoluted than it should be, but at least once you've created a ticket you don't have to wait too long to get a reply, well at least I didn't.

    30 july 2020 18:06 1628

    "I've also seen quite a few threads where there's replies from "Misty", but they're completely blank- what's this about?"

    And one just showed up in this thread. No seriously, what are these supposed to be?

    30 july 2020 19:48 1628

    You can just search www.gamehag.com/contact and contact the support team, they helping me every day with ever i ask and they are pretty nice. You can ask them instead of spamming on forums and you can find your answer. Of course you can wait a little bit.

    30 july 2020 22:06 1628

    I think... Misty is the highest end most intellingent Support AI ever created. And she's all of our friend. 🤟

    31 july 2020 00:14 1628

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