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    The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has ordered the restoration of online game PUBG. Justice Amir Farooq of the Islamabad High Court delivered the reserved judgment on the petition against the ban on online game PUBG. The apex court quashed the PTA’s decision to ban the PubG game and ordered the PTA to restore the PUBG game immediately.It is pertinent to mention that at the last hearing, the Islamabad High Court had reserved its decision after hearing the arguments of the parties while hearing the petition against the ban on PUBG Game. This decision was announced by the Supreme Court today. On the other hand, the Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) had decided to maintain the ban on online game PubG yesterdayIn this regard, PTA said that PUBG had asked the game management to respond to the details of the game and measures to prevent adverse effects on children. The management did not provide details of PUBG sessions, the number of users in Pakistan, and controls. Due to which it has been decided to maintain the ban on this game.

    25 july 2020 07:52 3272

    😆😀😀😀😀pubg is unbanned in pakistan yay where my pak boys

    25 july 2020 07:53 3272

    No its still banned.

    29 july 2020 11:17 3272

    Well thats nice

    29 july 2020 14:38 3272

    wow I'm from India , in India we can play pubg mobile

    5 august 2020 03:12 3272

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