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    Is Limbo a good warframe?

    My friend is using it and I think it is a good one. How do u guys think>

    11 june 2018 17:42 2154

    Is preatty good if you don't have loki but if you can pick betwen loki and Limbo , 100% Loki.

    16 june 2018 19:56 2154

    What about ember ? I just crafted her

    19 june 2018 11:35 2154

    Ember is preatty good , is good against low levels , using 4th ability and kill evreything , but still ember prime is better :)

    19 june 2018 19:21 2154

    I think it is, but it doesnt fit with my playstyle :/

    28 july 2018 00:07 2154

    Depends on your build and knowledge of frame

    29 july 2018 17:15 2154

    Limbo is ez lazy mode with strong augments, but the Cataclysm shrinking can be annoying. Also the best if you want to annoy random pugs.

    29 august 2018 21:09 2154

    everyone has a playstyle they like and will differ from person to person and each warframe comes with unique gameplay and abilities, so each person has different point of view for each warframe

    19 september 2018 14:51 2154

    Yeah, you’ll enjoy the frame more if it’s close to your playstyle.

    13 july 2019 15:55 2154

    But I guess it depends on the node too, some frames are better for one type of mission than the other.

    13 july 2019 15:56 2154

    Limbo is good for missions where you are in one place for prolonged periods of time

    15 july 2019 03:46 2154

    yea kinda but u have to take a time to do some homework and then just jump into the car and do the rest of the hobbies

    15 july 2019 13:14 2154

    In my opinion Limbo is good. It is my favourite one.

    20 july 2019 16:55 2154

    It is ok for begining but later you need to get new ones.

    21 july 2019 02:41 2154

    I use it because it turns me mostly invulnerable in high levels. Then I let my friends do mostly everything because I can do nothing. I mostly play it on the last level of sorties because of the level

    25 july 2019 10:46 2154

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