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    Can I convert Visa® Prepaid Card to Steam Wallet money?

    I'm close enough to be able to buy one, but since I don't do online shopping that much and the card would have an expiry date, I want to convert it to Steam Wallet money to save it for future use. Is it possible, and if it is, how? I would have buy a Steam Wallet code if they are available, but alas they haven't been so for more than a year already...

    24 july 2020 16:30 1628

    I've never seen Steam Wallet cards in stock on this site. Must be some placeholder thingie.

    24 july 2020 20:35 1628

    Steam Wallet $5, £5, €5 codes haven't been available for a long time now, but $5 Visa prepaid card is. @AnimationPr0 so I have to use the Steam app to buy a wallet code with the Visa card, right? Anything else I need to do?

    25 july 2020 12:08 1628

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