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    Soul Gems changed while my task was veryfying for 100 Soul Gems

    Guys i submitted screenshot when one piece online 2 was giving 100SG now its still waiting to be verified but the SG(soul gems) for the task have changed to 35SG. What should I do? And what would I get??

    27 may 2018 19:24 2652

    that honestly sucks dude :(

    7 april 2019 22:35 2652

    all I can say is rip

    25 july 2019 20:23 2652

    Очень хорошо сделанная статья! Я подумал, что это идеально подходит для новых игроков, возможно, зап

    27 july 2019 09:33 2652

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