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    Mechanical tips
    Practice canceling your attack animations and orb walking
    Attack animations of heroes in Dota 2 take a bit longer than the actual attack itself since a backswing also occurs after each successful blow. Though it may look like the usual way of attacking, you can cancel your attack animation half-way through and start a new one to save you time.
    For melee heroes, you’ll need to issue a move command right after your hero’s blade touches the enemy. Doing so will immediately cancel the backswing animation and help you chase down your enemy faster.
    For ranged heroes, the backswing animation starts as soon as the projectile leaves your hero’s body. Don’t wait for it to hit the enemy hero. Start moving as soon as you see the projectile going toward the enemy.
    Learning how to cancel your attack animation will also allow you to perform orb walking with heroes that have unique attack modifiers, such as Drow Ranger and Outworld Devourer. Since these heroes have usable spells that modify their auto-attack, you’ll avoid drawing creep aggro, alongside taking full advantage of canceling attack animations.
    Master laning mechanics like stacking, pulling, and drawing creep aggro to your advantage
    Performing well in team fights may mean less if you can’t hold your own in the lane. Last hitting more than your enemies while denying as many creeps as you can isn’t the only thing to secure a lane, however.
    It doesn’t matter if you’re a support hero or not, you can always stack a camp close to the lane and pull it as your allied creeps approach. This will both deny your enemies’ experience gain and will also shift the equilibrium of the lane toward your side.
    Having the lane equilibrium can allow your opponents’ to take free swings at you, however, so you should get used to using the creep aggro to your advantage. When creeps clash in the lane, they usually form a line, and most of the time you’ll have your allied creeps on your side of the lane. You can issue an attack command on the enemy hero you’re facing which will make the enemy creeps target you.
    Instead of going for the attack, quickly cancel it and move towards your tower. This will make the enemy creeps follow you and once they stop, enemy creeps will be close to your side of the map.
    Drop or put your stat items into your backpack before using regeneration items
    While it may not sound practical, if you turn dropping your stats items into a habit, it starts adding up. When your hero’s maximum HP and mana values (the denominator in the ratio) increase, the current value (the numerator) also keeps up in terms of its proportion relative to the maximum amount. In other games, the present value would instead stay at the same number rather than matching the ratio as it was before.
    This mechanic is highly abusable when it comes to consumable restorative items. For example, imagine that you have an Enchanted Mango, which instantly restores 110 mana when consumed. Your hero has 300 mana out of a maximum of 500. If you pop the Mango as is, you would end up with 410 mana.
    But if you drop your stat items before eating the Mango, you would end up with a fully-topped up gauge. The best part? You would still end up with a full gauge after picking the item back up again. Cool stuff, isn’t it?
    Of course, you shouldn’t do this in the face of enemy heroes who could otherwise destroy your item while it’s on the ground, so either back off for a bit before dropping your item or just place it in the backpack for a while.
    The same methodology applies to your health as well, which you can manipulate by dropping and picking up strength items.
    Know when to save for a buyback and use the quickbuy option
    Try as we may, escaping death doesn’t always work out in our favor. Sometimes you just get completely caught off-guard, and in others, you make a critical mistake that would have otherwise saved your life had it been the right call.
    Whenever you die in Dota 2, you lose a certain amount of gold based on your level and how much gold you have, unlike League of Legends.
    While saving for a buyback is one of the most potent game-changing factors in Dota 2, sometimes you may need a buyback and not spending your gold in time can delay your timings. Keep your next purchase on the quickbuy tab and always be ready to use your button to buy the pieces you can before dying, if you aren’t saving for a buyback.
    Honorable mention: Communication
    You’ll indeed master all the skills above with time as you play more and more Dota 2. It can only take you so far without good communication, though.
    Never forget that each player can only see a limited portion of the map actively on their screen. While everyone should have a certain level of map awareness, you can always be their eye on the other side of the map and keep them updated.
    Calling when an enemy hero is missing or letting your team know what kind of rune they picked up can make it easier for your team to adjust their gameplay. Dota 2’s voice chat comes in clutch in situations like this and you can keep up the communication without lifting a finger.

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