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    Warframe is super fun

    Gotta play with friends but its so engaging

    24 may 2018 08:05 2154

    It is about tryhard a bit, but its cool.

    28 july 2018 00:11 2154

    Glad you like it too

    7 april 2019 16:18 2154

    yeah man is the best game

    8 april 2019 02:56 2154

    RadeRed slowdown there mate... just to let you know im still need to level up to but if the mod spot you spaming they gonna report you for spaming. For the main topic, yeah this game is lit. thanks to those people who believe in warframe in the first day when it came out so we can have the best F2P game right now.

    8 april 2019 10:27 2154

    That’s nice. it is one of the best F2P games around.

    9 april 2019 02:07 2154

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