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    This is a browser game like the others but smoother. Also, I really want to know what are the tasks.

    4 july 2020 16:51 2205

    this game gives no sg for me why

    5 july 2020 19:41 2205

    Idk too. I still haven't figure out what's the task.

    6 july 2020 03:15 2205

    get a new car and I have a lot of time on a call from the store with my first day was good and the email address for you to come home and we can do it at my house

    16 july 2020 08:06 2205

    i am trying to play games but when this new update appears and it said I will became a front but I don't want to become a frog so I was trying to play but I don't know if it is good or I could download it could someone tell me something about the game that will make me want to play please?

    16 july 2020 15:36 2205

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