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    Let's celebrate Arteezy and EE-sama's birthday!

    It's the start of July and what better way to kick things off with Arteezy and EternalEnvy's birthday. Coincidentally, Arteezy's birthday is on the 1st of July while EternalEnvy's is on the 2nd of July.
    However, the two players have long been friends before Dota 2 even become recognized as a viable Esports, yeah, those were the days when the duo were actually teammates.
    An Old Friend
    Well then, it's going to be history lessons today, as we dive deep into memory lane, the times when Arteezy was just Arteezy, or EternalEnvy was called EternalEnvy. Ah, those were the days when the Dota 2 community come to recognize North America's greatest prodigies.
    Those who are familiar with the NA pro scene would know that back in those days (around TI2), various in-house leagues are open to pro players. While back then the RMM system was not introduced yet, most players who stayed around, eventually became what most of us are familiar with, such as EternalEnvy and Arteezy.
    EternalEnvy was much older than Arteezy back in those days, so was he in the pro scene much earlier than Arteezy. Yet, the two pals still got along and had a rivalry to see who can remain in the first place on the ranking list.
    The First Team
    It wasn't long before EternalEnvy and Arteezy played in their very first team. Well, except for when EE-sama playing for team No Tidehunter before getting kicked. Regardless, it's the team that the duos formed, going into the year 2013.
    With EE-sama and Arteezy's skills, team Kaipi made wonders in various tournaments. One of those notable achievements was the Defense Season 4 tournament, where they ended their run with a first runner-up, losing only to Natus Vincere. It was at that time when Arteezy became the spotlight.
    Unfortunately, Arteezy wanted to remain committed to his studies at that time and eventually left Kaipi. Although he occasionally plays for tournaments with several casual players, he is still juggling between his studies and gaming. Until eventually, in 2014, Evil Geniuses took Arteezy in, and that's where his pro career debut bloomed.
    Cliffteezy or EE-sama
    Fast forward to the present, both players are doing well with their own pro career. Whether it's Arteezy in Evil Geniuses, raking up the most third-place finishes in the history of Esports or EternalEnvy remaining relevant even to this day.
    In fact, the two friends still occasionally bump into each other in tournaments too. For instance, at ESL One Birmingham 2020 – Americas regional, Evil Geniuses faced against Business Associates. After a team wipe on Business Associates, EternalEnvy "accidentally" all-chatted GG. It caused some confusion among the players, both EE's allies and foes.

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