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    The Dota 2 International 10 Collector’s Cache is now available for purchase

    The votes are in, and the top 18 item sets that made it through the community’s approval are now available in Dota 2 inside the Collector’s Cache.
    Here is the final vote tally.
    Rank Hero Vote
    1 Tiny 533,094
    2 Night Stalker 513,300
    3 Underlord 462,155
    4 Mars 461,980
    5 Ancient Apparition 445,540
    6 Warlock 434,483
    7 Juggernaut 424,958
    8 Disruptor 416,678
    9 Silencer 410,484
    10 Mirana 405,545
    11 Pudge 400,718
    12 Bounty Hunter 393,102
    13 Huskar 390,656
    14 Jakiro 390,030
    15 Grimstroke 388,186
    16 Nature’s Prophet 379,109
    17 Lina 367,285
    18 Enchantress 363,905
    A second Grimstroke set was taken out from the Cache to ensure all heroes get their fair share of the spotlight. Grimstroke fans can take a deep breath, however, since Valve is planning to release that set “some point” in the future.
    The Collector’s Cache costs $2.49, and opening 15 of them will grant 36 Battle Pass levels to players. The Cache also works with the pseudo-random chance, meaning that your odds of getting a bonus rare item will increase with each treasure you open.
    Players can also recycle any unwanted items, which will award them with two Battle Pass levels in return.
    The Cache will be on sale for only 30 days, and 25 percent of all purchases will directly contribute to The International 10’s prize pool. There won’t be another way to get the items included in this year’s Collector’s Cache since they’re all unmarketable, except for the ultra-rare Mirana item.
    The voting process started in June, and Battle Pass owners cast their votes based on which skins they liked the most. There have been two versions of the Collector’s Cache for the last two years, and Valve is, once again, planning to release a second one before the International 10
    Though the tournament’s date is currently unknown, fans of the other skins that couldn’t make it into this batch can have their hopes up for the future.

    4 july 2020 06:01 5035

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