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    What do you all think of the SAOA:GGO anime that is currently airing?

    To be honest, I think it's pretty okay right now! However, they really are wearing out the "death game" a bit. Like seriously, this one is a repeat of season two. 1. both have a person turns game into a "die in real life scenario" 2. both take place in GGO other than that, i really like the squad jam aspect and how op LLEN and p-chan are. Maybe a Kirito cameo someday?

    20 may 2018 03:07 494

    also I haven't played this game yet lol

    20 may 2018 03:07 494

    hello anime gamers

    27 may 2018 03:50 494

    SAO have a new FPS game?

    21 october 2018 07:41 494

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