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    Skyrim reward

    Does anyone knows why the Skyrim reward is so cheap in here? Anyone ever bought it? Is it legit or some kind of scam?

    16 may 2018 04:08 1628

    i think they buy it from g2a or another site like this so this is the reason it could be so cheap

    16 may 2018 14:29 1628

    Yeah, I’m trying to save gems to buy it, but it’s half the original price and I’m a little afraid. It’s not the remasterized version, but even then it’s too cheap

    16 may 2018 14:35 1628

    i think its the original skyrim base game only without dlcs...not legendary edition or special edition...

    16 may 2018 15:40 1628

    well, I'm trying to get enough SG to buy it, so later I'll update you guys if it's ok or not. Meanwhile I'm hoping someone has bough it already and can assure me that's legit =)

    16 may 2018 17:35 1628

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