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    Allocating SGs to users Vote for Articles

    Hi there,
    Nowadays, as it seems article writers don’t get enough Soul Gems for their published articles. So, what about a new ability that allocates SGs to the users’ votes for the articles? You know, every user can vote every 5 minutes for each article that got published, it should be removed and gets replaced with only one vote that can be changed by the user every time he wants. On the other hand, article writers will receive SGs for users’ high votes. (For example, for reaching every 100 votes.)

    28 june 2020 11:10 8369

    How would this be different than the current system? Authors are still credited based on User Votes.

    28 june 2020 14:01 8369

    Yes, the articles are passed in the voting section by some users votes, but when they are published, users can also allocate stars to them. I mean that rating can be rewarded too.

    28 june 2020 14:12 8369

    So you're suggestion is for authors to receive additional SG if their article receives a high rating AFTER it has been published?
    E.g. 4+ Stars with 100 votes.

    Currently, users can already vote for the article even while it is in the approval queue, so please give more details on how you intend for it to work. E.g. Have a new rating system for published articles? How would articles on the Forum be handled then?

    28 june 2020 16:01 8369

    Yes, that's exactly what I mean. Due to the new article system of Gamehag, article writers only gain few Soul Gems (Like 150 SGs) for their published articles on the main article section. If Gamehag brings a new system that the owners of articles (For example -->) get 100 SGs after receiving 100 high votes for their published articles, it will be so good.

    + Gamehag should remove the ability that lets users to vote for articles every 5 minutes.

    + Article writers would advertise their works to users and somehow claim votes from them.

    + Article writers should make a good article that encourages users to vote for it. (Be interesting)

    + This system doesn't include the articles which are on the Forum unless Gamehag considers a new ability to vote for them.

    + It somehow helps the Gamehag not to instantly awards authors with a big amount of SGs.

    If Gamehag adds this feature Showing Random Articles it will help this system too.

    28 june 2020 16:22 8369

    Alright, thank you for the detailed explanation! I see what you mean now.

    I've sent it to the Gamehag Team for approval. If there is no further comments you wish to add, please lock the thread! If not we will do after 48 hours. 🔒

    28 june 2020 19:46 8369

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