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    Tips on building cars?

    So how should I construct my car, i learned a bit from the tutorial but it just wasn't enough, so i'm looking to you for some tips on building, thanks!

    27 june 2020 19:47 2176

    dont make your cars look normal (cabin on the front etc.) pit your cabin in a safe posetion not in the front and test your vehicles in the hangar to check their firepower and speed watch tutorials

    1 july 2020 03:01 2176

    hello guys hello youtuobe

    15 july 2020 07:55 2176

    пивет ребята в ютубе посмотри совети по зборки автомобиля

    17 july 2020 13:01 2176

    Build a car, test it with bots, try it in matches and gain your own experience. This is how I do it.

    20 july 2020 10:57 2176

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