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    Best CS:GO Skins for Under $10

    So you are in the market for upgrading your CS:GO inventory with some fairly cheap but great looking skins. Here are some skins to consider when shopping. Most of these skins will consist of popular gun choices such as AK-47, M4A1-S, M4A4, Glock, USP-S, AWP, and the Desert Eagle. Let me know what other price range I should do or full loadout and I will try my best. Enjoy!

    USP-S | Cortex  | Minimal Wear - $7.85 / 6.97€


    Steam Community :: Screenshot :: ST FT USPS | Cortex

    This skin is fairly cheap right now and it very good looking for a USP-S skin. It has a unique design of pink which is unlike most skins in Counter Strike and it also has a skull around the handle. One of the collect USP-S skins and probably the best one you can get for under $10 right now. Field tested looks slightly worst but will save you almost 3 dollars so if you want to instead save the money while also owning this cool skin then that is an option too.

    AK-47 | Rat Rod | Factory New - $9.51 / 8.44€

    Probably the best AK-47 skin you can get for under $10. It really fits the theme of the AK-47 being this unstable gun that has really high damage and recoil. If factory new isn't your style then you can get minimal wear and save $5 or go field tested and save over $6 it really depends on how you think the skin looks in the conditions. Overall not a bad skin for the price and will make your AK-47 look very cool.

    AWP | Atheris | Minimal Wear - $5.56 / 4.94€


    The AWP Atheris has to be one of the coolest AWP skins that you can get and it's only around $6? In the minimal wear condition this skins still looks cool with the green snake design in super high resolution. It's also cool how the snake wraps around the weapon and the handle which adds a very nice touch. There are a lot of cool cheap AWP skins available but the Atheris has to be the best in my opinion.

    M4A1-S | Nightmare | Minimal Wear - $9.02 / 8.01€

    M4A1-S | Nightmare (Battle-Scarred) | CS:GO Skin Showcase - YouTube

    The nightmare is undoubtedly one of the coolest skins in the game being a fan favorite. It has a really cool blue design with a black monster in the center of the gun. Minimal wear will have some scratches on it like with every gun, but the factory new version is almost triple the price so this will be your best bet. If you prefer a red and white color look below if this doesn't suite your style or loadout theme.

    M4A1-S | Cyrex | Minimal Wear - $9.51 / 8.44€

    M4A1-S Cyrex Factory New - Imgur

    If blue really isn't your style then the cyrex is a clean looking white and red M4A1-S skin in the minimal wear condition. It has a simple pattern but looks nice with the added touches. There were a lot of good M4A1-S skins for under $10 so if you do not want either then some other options may suit you better such as the mecha industries skin or a hyper beast in well worn condition.

    Glock-18 | Water Elemental | Minimal Wear - $6.34 / 5.63€

    CS:GO Skin Scrapbook - Album on Imgur

    A popular glock-18 skin and for good reason, the water elemental is a very nice looking skin that you can get fairly cheap for only around $6-7. Other glock skins within the price range didn't look as good as this one so this is probably the best option. Some cheap glock skins can look nicer depending on what you like and what you are looking to spend so do a little research.

    Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon | Field-Tested $8.32 / 7.39€

    StatTrak™ Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon (Well-Worn) - Buy & Sell ...

    The kumicho dragon is one of the only deagle skins that look decent in the under $10 price range and it has purple around the handle which is a nice addition. If you don't like this style of skin with a dragon outline you can get a mecha industries deagle which is almost all white with black accents for the same price in factory new condition. I chose the kumicho dragon because I personally think it looks better and is more unique than just a color change.

    M4A4 | Desolate Space | Battle-Scarred - $9.36 / 8.31€

    Desolate Space (Battle-Scarred) Gameplay - YouTube

    There aren't many options when it comes to M4A4 skins but this was the best option for under $10. It is in battle-scarred but looks decent even still and has the teal and purple that makes the skin pop. If you are in the market maybe go slightly higher but for the sake of it being under 10 this is my best choice.

    Those are all the skins I have for now. If you want a certain price range even under 1 I would be happy to attempt and make it a challenge. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have an amazing rest of your day!

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