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    should i play mini game to take soul gem

    should i play mini game to take soul gem i play alot of minigame to take soulgem but not getting any soulgem as well so tired to earning soulgem from this site and going up lv so hard and complete the mission of the game to t ake soulgem is too hard .

    23 june 2020 20:34 1628

    Its so hard, you can do tasks instead

    23 june 2020 21:20 1628

    You could get 1000 sg doing tasks in the time it would take to get 20 from minigames.

    23 june 2020 21:53 1628

    Minigames seem to be the worst way to make Soul Gems. You're better off using the app zone.

    23 june 2020 23:31 1628

    it's better to do contracts rather than mini games

    24 june 2020 02:01 1628

    contracts not even available in my region

    24 june 2020 03:03 1628

    in my experience, the minigames are bad at even crediting. when they do, they have very poor efficency. I do see why Gamehag would want to make them have such little value, as they don't make money from minigames.

    24 june 2020 03:29 1628

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