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    Introduction & Rules

    Howdy! First, let me introduce myself.

    I'm t4tsumihyaku, a member of the Gamehag Moderation Team.
    Thank you for your visit; I appreciate it!

    First, let's talk about the purpose of this group.

    This group was created to help more users with their issues that are related to Gamehag, and not only.

    Okay, so here are the rules.

    1- Spamming isn't allowed. All spam comments will be deleted. The misuse of this rule could lead to a ban.
    2- Duplicating other users' posts isn't permitted. Breaking this rule will result in a ban.
    3- All posts should be in English; other languages aren't allowed.
    4- Homophobia, Xenophobia, Racism, or any kind of harassment isn't allowed!!
    5- Be patient & respectful. If you've asked a question, wait patiently for a response. I would be very thankful if you show some understanding if you receive a reply with some delay =)
    6- The members of this group aren't allowed to make new threads. Only the founder of the group has the right to do that.
    7- Other members of the Gamehag Moderation Team also have the right to answer the users' questions, as well ;)
    8- Advertising is prohibited.
    9- Some questions could be removed if they aren't appropriate or if they violate the Gamehag rules & Group rules, as well.

    15 june 2020 23:27 8411

    NOTE: Do not comment on this thread.
    As a founder of this group, I will use this thread to add new rules, etc.

    15 june 2020 23:39 8411

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