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    Best way to use Whips in Dark Souls III

    Ever since the first dark souls game whips were very underrated by all the players and still till today players never use the whip only a few. I believe that whips are very dangerous weapons in PvE and in PvP, you just have to know what you're doing otherwise you will end up ignoring them like the rest of the players. I believe if you play your cards right you can become very good with a whip.

    The list of whips and how to get them

    First things first you have to know that there are 5 whips in the game each one is special in his own way the 'whip', Notched whip, Witch's Lock, Spotted Whip and Rose of Ariandel.
    The first 'whip' can be found at the undead Statement.
    The Notched whip is at the cathedral of the deep.
    The Witch's lock is at the grand archives.
    The spotted whip can be found near Cornyx cage at the undead settlement after defeating old demon king with Cuculus.
    The Rose of Ariandel can be transported from the soul of sister Friede.

    How to use with efficacy

    To be good with the whip you have to first learn your range if you practise enough against enemies you will be able to know how far your whip can go and I tell you're going to be surprised also knowing when to use the weapon art this is the most important part (except the rose of Ariandel it has a special weapon art)you have to use it when an enemy is trying to get close to you and close the gap in case of PvP players will start doing a panic rolls trying to get close to you because the range on the whip can be very deadly casting the weapon art will have a guaranteed hit on them and they will be left in a very bad position so they will try to run away this where fun part start. While using a whip you have to be either a Sorcerer, Cleric or a pyromancer (which will talk about that later) using spells is quite a benefit because they help you keep your distance from your enemy.

    Compatible builds with whips

    When it comes to choosing your whip it depends on your build if you are Pyromancer take the Witch'Lock because it scales with your intelligence and faith which are very important for your spells. But if you are cleric than you have a lot of option you can use lightning weapon buff or Blessed weapon buff and by wearing the right things you will be able to heal a lot of health just by attacking your enemy (Pontif left eye ring and pontiff right eye ring) or even infuse the whip with bleed, poison or hollow but that is going to require some investment in luck which I don't recommend. And last but not least using a whip a sorcerer is very simple either you infuse the spotted whip with crystal gem or use one of the spell buffs available for groceries. Keep in mind your going to have to put some points in Dexterity first to be able to use the whip and increase your damage and second dexterity increase the casting speed. As for the Rose of Ariandel, it's hard to acquire its great for faith builds because it replaces your Chimes/Talismans by being able to cast miracles using it. If you're wondering why I didn't mention anything about armour it's because I believe in Fashion Souls choose whatever you see fit.

    Information To Keep In Mind

    Keep in mind people talk a lot about how you can't backstab with a whip but what most players do not know is that whips can't be parried even in PvP you don't have to worry about the players who are good with parrying.

    I had to repost this after fixing the format hope you like it this way and Thank you for reading and I hope you like it.

    Have a pleasant journeys  Champ

    11 june 2020 07:12 1625

    nice article thank you very much

    27 june 2020 12:43 1625

    haahaa i want exp

    27 june 2020 13:02 1625

    so sorry for all this comments

    27 june 2020 13:02 1625

    First things first you have to know

    27 june 2020 19:11 1625

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