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    The Underground War: A Roblox Game

    The Underground War is a game available on Roblox that focuses more on the thrill of playing as opposed to the quality of the graphics. There are two teams who fight against each other to secure each other's flags and gain enough points to win the game. Teamwork is absolutely necessary and overall it's quite a fun game to play.

    In The Underground War, there are two teams; red and blue. The competence of the team is completely up to the skill wielded by the members of each team. The objective of the game is to make your way through the tunnels underground and into the enemy base to steal their flag. With the flag in hand, you must survive the members of the opposing team as they will target you since you have their flag. No worries though because you have your teammates to protect you (or at least you should). If you manage to make it back to your team's base and place the flag, your team scores a point. The team with the most points after 20 minutes of playing, wins the round. The game resets after every round.

    Upon spawning in the game, each player is given a swuvle (or sword) and a sniper. The swuvle can be used to dig your way through the tunnels, or attack enemies. The sniper is used to take out your enemies in one blow (if aimed correctly). Snipers take some time to reload and in that time you can choose to activate your swuvle to defend yourself or run and hide. Each weapon has an upgrade which costs points the player picks up individually when playing the game.
    The swuvle comes with two upgrades. One which increases the dig rate and another that increases the damage caused by it. Each of these cost 50 credits. The sniper however, can be upgraded to a top grade sniper, which decreases the reload time of your sniper. This costs 100 credits

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                   Sniper                                                                   Swuvle

    There are two teams, a red and a blue.Each can have up to six persons. You are automatically placed on a team depending on how many persons are on the team. However, you have the option to switch teams for Robux.

    Every time you knock out or kill an enemy player you earn four credits. And for every block you dig you earn one credit. These credits are used in the shop to buy upgrades to weapons or medkits.

    These are special tools you find in the shop that can be used to regain health. This really comes in handy if your health is low and you are retreating with the enemy flag.

    For Robux, you can also unlock a variety of trails and other tools like a rocket-launcher to give you an advantage over your enemies.

    There are three ladders leading up to each base. Usually, only the one in the center has a tunnel that's already dug out. But with your trusty swuvle you can dig out another tunnel to any of the other three ports/ladders. 

    Tips & Tricks
      1. When you have the flag and you're going through the tunnel, be sure to jump repeatedly so that the enemies can't use their snipers to knock you out before you get back to base.

      2. When you have the flag and you're at your team's base, continue to jump so that any enemy snipers on top of the towers can't shoot you.

      3. If you have a teammate in the enemy base and you won't be able to make it all the way over there to help them bring that flag home, just climb to the top of one of the towers in your base and take out your enemies with your sniper.

    11 june 2020 07:05 1625

    nice article i enjoyed it

    11 june 2020 07:14 1625

    amazingv vsuperb wow

    11 june 2020 15:24 1625

    its a very old game brings nostalgia

    11 june 2020 16:42 1625

    i dont even know this game :(

    14 june 2020 21:42 1625

    for me its really lagy but its still a 9/10 game

    14 june 2020 21:42 1625

    idk what is this game but i will try it

    21 june 2020 21:53 1625

    lol roblox nice

    15 july 2020 23:30 1625

    Isnt this a mmorpg game, ive heard teh graohics are cool

    16 july 2020 02:24 1625

    Wow meco your right.

    16 july 2020 03:05 1625

    I kill so many people I Also made a vip sever in that game and when nobody’s in my game I do this I just have my own game and I just get the flags and I just win.

    16 july 2020 03:09 1625

    i love that game

    16 july 2020 05:21 1625

    even is recreate by others

    16 july 2020 05:22 1625

    The Underground War: A Roblox Game

    16 july 2020 06:28 1625

    Roblox huh? I play roblox but I have never ehard about this game maybe I should check it out.

    16 july 2020 07:41 1625

    what is tis game

    26 october 2020 15:06 1625

    First things first, you will have to pay quite big amount of money for starting this hiest (1million or more, depending on which arcade you choose) . As first, you will have to purchase Arcade from Maze Bank (GTA in-game website). Players can unlock the new Arcade Business property by meeting Lester in Mirror Park.

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    29 october 2020 07:31 1625

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    29 october 2020 07:32 1625

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