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    Are you new to Fortnite: Battle Royale? Have you not played the game before? In this article, I will be explaining Fortnite some strategies, metas, advices and tips i really hope this article will help you guys.



    1- New Points of Interest (POI) and The Map Control and awarnes

    With the introduction to Fortnitee also came new Points of Interests.

    A new viking mountain has replaced the mountain South of the villain rocket base. It is chock-full of huts and has a boat in the most South middle point of the mountain. It is almost completely surrounded by the new Rifts, so it is a good place to quickly grab some guns and jump down on a more populated area.

    Anarchy Acres was replaced by Lazy Links, a summer resort with ATK's (All-Terrain Karts), golf holes, a pool, and a court with nets. Although there aren't many places to get loot in Lazy Links, as there is one main building, a few other areas, and some loot in a couple of golf sand traps, it is a great place to jump to in Playground LTM with your friends and chill with the new Season 5 toys.

    Nothing else really was added, other than an entire freaking desert biome replacing Moisty Mire.

    In this desert biome, there are several small POI's, including the Mini Junk Junction, racetrack, and the dinosaur area. Paradise Palms was also added. As the name suggests, it is a desert paradise with a huge hotel, many houses, several buildings, a few ATK's, and a metric ton of loot. Landing here is great in any gamemode, as you have full access to ATK's, Rifts, and loot, but it will usually be far from the eye of the storm, so be prepared to move.

    A few items have scattered around the map, including the Durrr Burger, a chariot, and a few tiki heads. They almost always have a few chests and Rifts around them, so if you spot them, check them.

    The map still continues to change every so often, very subtlety, just like it did last season.

    2- Gun Changing

    The weapons also had their fair share of changes this season.

    For example, shotguns now have a cooldown, so double pumping is effectively useless now. Although you can still double pump, the cooldown makes it so you might as well just use one pump, or use a pump + SMG.

    However, heavy shotguns are better than ever. They now shoot more pellets, so heavies are more viable for single use.

    Pump + SMG has completely taken over Fortnite, so make sure to stock up on mats and prepare for spam.

    Explosive weapons no longer launch vehicles as far as they used to, so you can still smoothly ride away while people are trying to blow you up.

    3- Building

    If you want to survive in combats and fighting , you must double everything.

    A good way to win a build battle is to intimidate the enemy, and doubling your buildings is a good way to do that. The bigger, the better.

    If you double ramp, the enemy might still try to shoot you down. However, if you double ramp and double wall in front of those ramps, they will most likely try, and after a while hide and freeze. And if you double ramp, floor, AND wall, forming many triangles if you look at it from the side, you will be extremely hard to kill.

    You can also use triangles to your advantage. If someone is behind you, don't just spam walls. Edit two opposite corners of the triangle and, as you run away from the enemy, spam those in front of you. They will confuse the enemy and give you a chance to escape.

    If you have bouncers, be sure to use them. They can be really useful for building fast bases and gaining high ground by placing one and spamming walls. You can also use it in a build battle to either get higher ground or flee if you're too high up.

    Although risky, if you do not have bouncers or a launch pad, you can get down by falling, placing walls with windows in them, and leaning against the windows. If done right, you can reach the floor without taking a single bit of damage. However, this is not recommended if you're very high up.


    And that's all! Jump into Fortnite knowing what to do and how to walk away with the dub!

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