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        ♡︎  Valve has released a new update to CS: GO - Counter Strike: Global Offensive.
        ♡︎  The game has become a new free-to-play title with various restrictions, which also offers a battle royale mode.

        ★︎  The new battle royale mode in CS: GO comes with a very interesting idea,
        ★︎  which is quite similar to another very well-known game title,
        ★︎  which are based on the way of "struggle for survival". The whole new mode 
        ★︎  takes place on completely new maps as we were used to.

        ❀︎  The floods took place on these adventures on a single map called Jungle, which, however,
        ❀︎  resulted in an early stage game mode
        ❀︎  managed to make a name for the people, which once lost more.
        ❀︎  This fact led the developers to the idea of a multi-scale revival, adding two new maps
        ❀︎  "Sandy Sirocco and Blacksite, known for their factories"

    Danger Zone is a new battle royale

    The big attraction of the renewed CS: GO is to be a battle royale mode called Danger Zone. It currently allows sixteen and, in the case of two- and three-member teams, up to eighteen players to fight to the last man on an ever-shrinking map. But it must be said in advance that this is probably the smallest map in this genre at all.


    CS: GO has been free-to-play for a few months now, but this version had significant limitations. You could not play any multiplayer modes in the game, which certainly discouraged multiple players from downloading the free version. But CS: GO is completely free after the new update, so you can also enjoy its multiplayer modes. Unfortunately, this version also has its limitations. In CS: GO, the so-called Prime, which could be obtained by downloading the Steam app to a smartphone and entering a phone number, thus bypassing Valve in most cases bypassing hackers. Thanks to the new update, however, the Prime account has become a paid version, which is automatically assigned to the accounts that CS: GO normally purchased in the past. But what does this mean for players of the free version of CS: GO? If a new player doesn't buy a Prime account, he can look forward to a much larger number of hackers in multiplayer modes.



    The latest update for CS: GO is just a confirmation that Valve has serious problems with its fan base. The game slowly declines over time and players prefer battle royale games like Fortnite or PUBG. Creating a battle royal mode was sooner or later to be expected, but is this the best
    tactic for Valve? Rock players CS: GO would certainly accept if Valve focused on the main problems in the game rather than gaining new fans.



    Next, I must point out that a small number of players in the Death Zone mode is compensated by Hi-intelligent BOT-s, when it is almost impossible to win in a pair against such a single BOT!

    I personally liked Battle Royal and I was very happy at the beginning, but it all ends nicely once and when Valve does not change his approach, he will only become a historical icon in the world of computer games.  


                                                                                                        by  >|αℒ︎ ♀︎ ℱ︎α|>™  1,6,20

    2 june 2020 02:11 1625

    good job man ussfully

    2 june 2020 07:45 1625

    It's like a battle royale and it strongly reminds me of pubg.

    2 june 2020 12:06 1625

    awesome danger zone on csgo

    2 june 2020 15:35 1625

    good update

    2 june 2020 21:58 1625

    i will never love danger zone.

    3 june 2020 00:31 1625

    thx for the article

    3 june 2020 02:44 1625


    3 june 2020 02:55 1625

    thx for your tutorial

    3 june 2020 04:21 1625

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