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    i lost a level for ‘disgraceful behaviour’?

    today i lost my level 3 because of supposed ‘disgraceful behaviour’ but i don’t know what i did? can someone help me out?

    1 june 2020 16:02 1628

    i do not understand eighter why my level is decreasing

    1 june 2020 16:03 1628

    **** same
    maybe it was a bug in the site

    1 june 2020 16:12 1628

    me too I lost twice already

    1 june 2020 16:27 1628

    This is the state of Gamhag. I too, just lost a level for "discraceful behavour" although I can assure you I did nothing of the sort. I did not spam nor say anything "disgraceful" but this is how the moderators are. You think they care about the people? Ha! No! It's all about the money. Less people claiming rewards means them losing less money, which in turn means the moderators are paid more. Welcome to Gamehag.

    1 june 2020 16:42 1628

    I am not sure why I lost a level, I posted *once* on the forums in a non spam and orginal comment and lost 6 XP! It seems that near every time I post on the forums I end up losing XP. My reccomendation for now is to just not talk on the forums for awhile and only get XP from tasks. I don't think you can lose XP from wrongly reviewing an article but maybe that is the problem if its not spamming the forums? could even be they think any post after so many lines is just automatically spam? who knows really; I am talking to Misty on this myself

    1 june 2020 17:11 1628

    even if a troll reported your comment, you shouldn't lose exp as long as your comment doesn't have words which would most likely offend another user

    1 june 2020 18:11 1628

    this happened to me 3 times with no spam sadly if someone reports your comment you loose xp this way and i tried a lot but moderators wouldnt listen :(

    2 june 2020 00:15 1628

    And nice i lost my level again for literaly not spaming or saying anything bad i just said "yeah same"
    i love it here

    2 june 2020 08:04 1628

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