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    Car mechanic simulator

    Sometimes a game appears on the market, the success of which can be debated intellectually for a very long time.

    When a farm life simulator appears on the market, a few country dads will probably be happy not to jeopardize their livelihood machine, because instead of a real tractor, their son will slide in front of a PC and learn simply there. A few people will appreciate the online system and maybe even a few months at the game. Otherwise, similar games are very, very difficult to promote. When a person sometimes wonders how stubbornly simulators are being created, new and new. So it must necessarily mean only one thing: even if the mainstream player probably thinks about them, they will always find and defend their community.

    Klik pro zvětšení (Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 - recenze)

    But will Car Mechanic Simulator really be played by car mechanics? Hard to say. Since the game offers a fairly simplified (logically) form of car repair, the player from practice will not be very interested in it. This means that there are occasional players left, but in the flood of today's titles they have to go through today's offer with difficulty and need to have a clear reason why they should stop at this or that title. The garage simulator didn't seem to be able to decide which side to take. Whether it will be a hardcore simulator for a small group, or a mainstay act that sufficiently attracts large crowds of players.

    The garage simulator didn't seem to be able to decide which side to take.
    This indecision is probably behind the fact that Car Mechanic Simulator has nothing to entice. From the first moments you spend on the menu, it must be clear to you that this is a low-cost "budget" title that would like to be a big three. But this is not happening, despite the fact that the menu starts to sound like rough dubstep or rock music. You have the option to create a profile. No online interaction in the form of sharing results takes time back to the turn of the millennium. With the created profile, you then select one of the three workshops (they differ only in the color of the interior) and go to the campaign. Then the endless sandbox will open in time.

    Klik pro zvětšení (Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 - recenze)

    You control the game from a first person perspective. You move a few square feet of your workshop and that's it. You can turn on the radio, this is also the very first thing the game will want. It would be pleasing if, as in the simulators from our SCS Software, we could tune in to the real radio through the internet stream. Instead, some of the horrible rock instrumentals will be heard again, and the Need for Speed soundtrack would be much more appropriate. In the workshop, you will also find the necessary station to control the jack and a computer, where you buy the necessary parts that you need to replace on the car.

    Klik pro zvětšení (Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 - recenze)
    It would be nice if we could tune in to a real radio through the internet stream.
    The first orders will not be long in coming. Here, the game begins to resemble an adventure, where you have to find, examine, or remove, order a new part and then assemble this new piece according to the order in the car. This in itself is quite intuitive, very simplistic, but basically quite fun. However, the game cannot motivate players in any way. Therefore, after you "serve" a few cars and still expect something to happen, we will have bad news for you: nothing will happen at all.

    When you have the car ready (or you don't have it), you can still take it and test it in front of the garage on the track. That, of course, will please. However, it will definitely not please how the creators dealt with the driving model. If you are one of the witnesses, you may remember - even then! - the terrible racing beast Midtown Madness. Cars slid on the tarmac like ice, and the sound of their engines resembled the toddler's muffled roar. Something similar is happening fourteen years later in Car Mechanic Simulator. And it's definitely more sad than nostalgic.

    However, it will definitely not please how the creators dealt with the driving model.
    Of course, the individual cars are not licensed, so instead of peeking into the hoods of the latest supersports, you will find brands such as "Gemesis" and the like in your orders. If only the cars resembled their role models. Not even that. Just as a mechanic, you repair cars that do not exist in the simulator. And so you can't really look forward to better jobs, because when they come, you'll still be crawling under vague-looking cars.

    And so it is not really clear with what vision Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 is moving to the market. Does he want to be a car mechanic? It doesn't look like that because he misses a lot of things. It's not even a title for the masses, because it lacks a smirk. Thus, a painfully average game was created, which, with certain cheap elements, also tries to cover its flatness. It's hard to say if he'll find any fans at all. He has nothing to entice them to.

    Thank you for reading from Mystifax

    1 june 2020 09:08 1625

    I really like this game. I actually learnt a lot about cars and how they are built while I was playing.

    3 april 2021 20:54 1625

    the very good is epic

    4 april 2021 17:45 1625

    good game hahaha

    6 april 2021 09:08 1625

    Not even that.

    6 april 2021 11:14 1625

    ok i am sure

    6 april 2021 13:23 1625

    OK thank you

    6 april 2021 13:23 1625

    I love it realy

    7 april 2021 14:35 1625

    looks good

    8 april 2021 02:10 1625

    this is good uwu

    17 april 2021 19:29 1625

    Good game

    17 april 2021 22:03 1625

    Is this real?

    18 april 2021 02:10 1625

    is good uwu

    18 april 2021 03:03 1625

    it looks good

    19 april 2021 18:57 1625

    hello hello

    3 may 2021 08:46 1625

    noice, looking great!

    3 may 2021 09:41 1625

    hello guys I just started using this app

    3 may 2021 10:49 1625

    nice game

    5 may 2021 06:00 1625

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