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    Bloodborne: The Old Hunters

    Bloodborne is still one of the finest and most refined games of the year. did not miss the hopes of his fans and is experiencing a somewhat different experience from the usual Dark Souls. Just a short time ago, we were lucky to hear that the game would have downloadable content and that it would be more than just a regular addition. We got the game a while ago by the development team and today we tell you about the game in this special review.

    As anyone can expect the game will offer new characters, new areas, new monsters and most important of all fighting new leaders. Certainly the development team knows perfectly well that the addition should offer something more to those who have finished the original game, so you can expect that the leaders here are more difficult than anything you might have encountered in the last major game. The challenge is not limited to leaders only, so ordinary monsters and NPC characters that challenge you will give you very difficult times.

    The game contains areas you have visited previously, but it is now different and not only a form, even the usual ways you may find it unlocked. The addition, although a bit linear but rewarding to explore, you will find some useful shortcuts and may reveal some details of the hidden story. This is probably one of the most beautiful elements of the game, where you have to read here and there, especially in the description of tools and weapons to learn more about the dark story behind Bloodborne.

    Talking about weapons there is new ones here, and some of them will give you new ways and methods of fighting. There is also a very important add-on, which is the possibility of calling a NPC character to help you in your journey in the game, and it costs to invoke Insight Point as well as with the characters of your friends. But fully hope to help her, especially against the leaders where you will have to end the last moments of fighting, especially yourself.

    A tougher challenge than the original game content, new areas rewarded with discovery and details of an interesting story

    Add new value to the world of Bloodborne, full of new challenges and great details to explore

    If you like Bloodborne it is impossible to be satisfied with it, so do not miss the opportunity to get this new addition. The exciting events and personalities and the renewed worlds and the challenge that awaits you is very likely to give you very difficult times, in the special way!

    The ratings came as high and distinctive as the original game and encouraged an increased dose of torment in the game.

    IGN - 8/10
    GameSpot - 9/10
    GamesRadar - 4.5 / 5
    Hardcore Gamer - 4/5
    Push Square - 9/10
    Destructoid - 7.5

    30 march 2018 14:41 1625

    nice its look good

    21 may 2019 16:04 1625

    Nice work. keep going.

    22 may 2019 04:10 1625

    looks nice

    26 may 2019 16:47 1625

    Thanks, thinking about getting this addition!

    26 may 2019 20:15 1625

    nice its look good

    27 may 2019 12:32 1625

    this game look amazing

    27 may 2019 18:41 1625

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