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    Getting Soul Gems on Warframe

    Guide for getting SG on Wargrame: 1. Finish the tutorial (kill many enemies to level up your weapon to lv 4, and focus on 1 weapon only). Take a screenshot while you're on stats - equipment screen. 2. Finish until mission 7 where you have to kill captain Vor (the mission on the bottom of the earth, if I'm not mistaken). Capture the codex - quest screen where it now says completed 3. level up your warframe (in this case, Excalibur) to level 10. Note: kill all enemies if possible, and I found it easier for grinding level if you go to the mission where you have to defend the cryostasis something capsule. Playing it with people and friends will make the mission easier.

    28 march 2018 18:33 2154

    By the way, for task 3 capture the screen while you're at stats - equipment screen

    28 march 2018 18:35 2154

    is it really work tho? because i already MR 11, and all my warframe level 30

    17 may 2018 00:05 2154

    how and where do i send the screenshot?

    17 may 2018 00:06 2154

    Not all countries can do all the tasks , like warframe , Life is feudal , SOA , etc.....

    19 june 2018 19:27 2154

    Good tips

    30 march 2019 04:43 2154

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