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    Control: What You Need to Know

    Control is a supernatural third-person action-adventure horror(?) game, which puts you into the shoes of Jessie Faden, who is currently searching for their brother, Dylan, with her supernatural friend, Polaris. Her search leads her to the Oldest House, home to the Federal Bureau of Control. She enters the Oldest House while it is in lockdown to find the director dead. Seeing as she is the one who fond Director Trench's body, all forces (the humans, the board of dead directors, and more) select her to be the new director. Unfortunately, she and Polaris are not the only new forces, and this new force (referred to as The Hiss) is not very kind...
    From the people that brought you Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and Max Payne 1 and 2, Remedy comes back from the shadows to bring you their latest Masterpiece...

    What You Need to Know

    Set in the same universe as Remedy's prior hit horror game Alan Wake, this story follows a woman named Jessie Faden, who, as a child in a small town called Ordinary, found a "slide projector", or a path to other dimensions. Because of that, all of the adults in Ordinary go missing, and so does Jessie's brother, Dylan. However, through the slide projectors, she finds a supernatural friend named Polaris, who guides her in her search for Dylan. The search leads them to the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC). Unfortunately, she walks in at the wrong time and another malign force is invading the FBC, and, after showing she has the power, is selected to become director of the FBC and Janitor's assistant (long story :D). Now, she has two responsibilities, and as she aids the FBC by going against the Hiss, she is also continuing the search for her brother alongside Polaris.
    The Oldest House is much bigger than it looks on the outside, as it an inter-dimensional non-euclidean plane. As you progress further into Control, you are given more powers and other items to be used at your disposal. Since the Hiss has taken over the whole thing, you must gradually take the building back by claiming or cleansing "Control points", and by doing so you have successfully expelled the hiss and taken back that section of the Oldest House. Sometimes, as you take even the most mundane looking side-missions, you are given more powers or a reward. You are given powers like a shield if you complete an obstacle course or evade when you go to investigate a weird light in the break room. In the beginning, you are given a gun called the service weapon, which has different forms, like Pierce (the game's version of a rocket launcher), Shatter (the game's version of a shotgun), spin (the game's version of an SMG), and Grip (the game's version of a pistol or semi-auto). Since you are the new director, you must also keep out the Hiss. However, the more you fight, the tougher the enemies get. Their level can be seen as a number above their heads. Sometimes, the Hiss is not your only enemy. In the maintenance sector, there are enemies like The Clog. Other sections have monsters too, like the Former, and other weird, wacky monsters. Control's gameplay grips you but would have been a lot better if not for the puzzles. Sometimes, you can't even locate the puzzles, and sometimes the game makes no sense at all. Sometimes, these annoying rock cluster things kill you and you have no way of passing them. However, that does not happen very often, and most of the time, the four years that Remedy perfecting this game really shine through. All in all, this game is really fun. It has awesome shooting, a gripping story, beautiful graphics, and just purely fun gameplay. The game has two expansions, the Foundation. and AWE. 

    The Final Judgement

    Control's solid story and amazing gameplay have earned a place in my heart. The game has been rated M for Mature, but it should be rated T for Teen. I would recommend this to ANYONE who is trying to see if it is worth its money. 

    It is.

    I give it a solid 9 out of 10, for awesome gameplay, good graphics, and a good story. The only dispute I have with this game is the fact that some parts do not make sense, but after you turn it over in your head a few times, it will start to make sense.

    29 may 2020 05:13 1625

    thanks it was helpful

    15 june 2020 17:52 1625

    ı wonder this game a lot your article very useful for me thank you

    28 june 2020 14:53 1625

    great helpfull thx

    28 june 2020 15:49 1625


    28 june 2020 15:54 1625

    Thanks, this helped me a lot

    2 april 2021 20:19 1625

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