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    Non-English articles | Option to skip voting

    This is not the correct forum for this, but I had to report it here due to lack of a better place. Recently I came across non-English articles. I am not sure whether that is allowed. However, that's not the issue. I was voting for articles, and since it was an non-English article, I was not confident in voting it. But there was no option to skip the article, and there are no options to select only EN articles to vote on. This time I ended up using Google Translate to read it, but it was translated not perfectly. Could we please have any one or both of these features: - option to select the article language we want to vote for - skip articles we don't feel confident in voting for thanks!

    27 may 2020 10:09 8369

    @hunviktor could you please stop spamming?

    @kingrobloxrobux Yes. But a lot can be lost while translating, like specific terms of the game, or anything that's not written in literal sense. Also, it makes it difficult to check them for plagiarism.

    27 may 2020 14:22 8369

    your adea is really good

    27 may 2020 16:05 8369

    I think you are looking to deep into simple problem. If you are on english version of site and you see article in language that is not english then it's spam. You won't see here in voting articles from other language versions, someone posted it here where noone will actually read it, so what's the point of voting? We don't need russian or turkish texts here where everyone uses english. It's a spam.

    28 may 2020 16:05 8369

    Though I do agree, but since it is not listed in the rules I don't report them as spam rn.

    28 may 2020 17:02 8369

    Can we please have your inputs on this matter?

    1 june 2020 09:34 8369

    Thanks all for the support. I believe if we have enough users supporting this, then maybe the mods will take notice of it. So, you support is appriciated.

    1 june 2020 09:39 8369

    Then we need to stop non english articles because sometimes there spam

    1 june 2020 12:08 8369

    @kingrobloxrobux Yes, sometimes. Not always. That's why I think it's the mod that should decide if they want to ban non English articles or not. And if not, then provide us with a way to filter them.

    1 june 2020 12:11 8369

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