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    Total Tank Simulator | Game review

    As a new branch of the emerging battle simulation genre, Total Tank Simulator as its name will recreate epic tank battles in World War II, with military units typical for each faction at that time. It is a combination of tactics, array and first-person shooter, providing a completely unique experience like never before.

    Super cool campaign play

    Total Tank Simulator has an extremely epic campaign part, with battles set in the battlefield in Europe World War II. Nearly all factions appear in the game such as Germany, England, France, the USA, Poland and the Soviet Union ... give players a huge number of units. Each country will have a separate play for the corresponding events in history, for example, if you choose the German side, it will be the campaign to attack Russia, and the UK and the US will land on the coast to attack. Axis faction ...

    Each part of the campaign will span each year of the World War, it is divided into individual stages, the goal is that you will have to calculate the move so that it is enough to reach the designated point. Each move will correspond to a battle, the player will be given a fixed amount of resources to buy soldiers, Total Tank Simulator has many game modes such as Deathmatch is 2 sides spread soldiers then rush in or wave like Like the door, you will be given a certain number of soldiers to defend against each attack of enemies.

    Review of Total Tank Simulator: When Total War and Battlefield combine

    Because the game is based on a historical theme, Total Tank Simulator pays great attention to the diversity of units. In total there are 4 types of soldiers common to all sides are artillery, tanks, support vehicles, aircraft and infantry, then depending on the country they will be classified down, for example Germany is strong in tanks, Poland are infantry and the US is more inclined to the air force. The game is also quite funny when it will try to integrate a few memes, such as the German firefighter (Flammenwerfer) or the bears with guns on their backs made as Russian armored vehicles.

    After each battle the player will receive money and upgrade points, all units in Total Tank Simulator can "evolve" to become stronger as you upgrade your skills in RPG games. You can choose a lot of different branches, focusing on strength, speed or reduce the cost of the military ... depending on many different tactics. Moreover, the game also allows players to recruit officers to assist, in order to increase the hidden stats for each type of soldier.

    Review of Total Tank Simulator: When Total War and Battlefield combine

    The battlefield of Total Tank Simulator is quite similar to Total War, each side will be at the top of a fixed map, the player will arrange all soldiers at their disposal and then we will advance towards the opposite side to automatically attack. In general, this style is more like playing chess than arraying, because you can not control your army in any particular direction or microphone like Total War. The good thing is that players can cover and enjoy the battle more, not to mention it also combines with role-playing.

    Players can switch to the perspective of any unit in their army, then directly control it as a first-person shooter. Total Tank Simulator does quite well this when each unit is equipped with very terrorist weapons, say for example the most common soldiers also have rifles, pistols, hand grenades, petrol bombs and even knives ... similar order with the rest.

    This style of play is very similar to Battlefield, because it gives players a clear sense of the fierce battle in the first perspective, as well as many other factors. You will see in a big battle how weak the individual is, because even if he is as good as a headshot saint, it will seep into the tower before thousands of enemies. Players can switch anytime or when the current unit is defeated.

    Review of Total Tank Simulator: When Total War and Battlefield combine

    Freely customize thousands of units

    This unique game of Total Tank Simulator makes it quite interesting, especially when you unlock after dozens of different units of soldiers. For example, there are missions that require the player to use the entire infantry, which sounds very impossible, but you can immersive into a gunner using a sniper, then wriggly handle all enemy officers. is to win without having to kill the whole thing.

    Each unit in the game will conflict with the rules of pull-hammer-bao, such as anti-aircraft artillery to destroy tanks, tanks used to destroy several machine guns and bombers will be fighter planes. crush. Therefore, each battle you will consider and how to counter the enemy, because after entering the battle, it can not be fixed because it is all automatically, if the Total War a little soldiers can offset by Micro Total Tank Simulator does not have that.

    Review of Total Tank Simulator: When Total War and Battlefield combine

    The images in Total Tank Simulator are quite strange, they are more like polygons combined together, so you will hardly see the difference except the colors of the factions. Explosion effects as well as bullets fired in the game are also very normal, compared to other arrayed games, it is completely inferior, so those who are difficult will probably not like this type. The music of Total Tank Simulator is good, but the monotony and the voiceover are few, so playing a lot will begin to fade.

    The counter-play style of countering the Total Tank Simulator also loses interest when you have fully upgraded, because it is impossible to feel the virtue from the soldiers who spend a lot of money on them directly. control them. And finally, despite being set in World War II, most of the battles are organized and then rushed into each other, so we do not recognize the important events.

    Review of Total Tank Simulator: When Total War combines Battlefield


    Although the image is not very good, the gameplay of Total Tank Simulator is quite good when creating tons of tanks on the fierce battlefield.

    Of course, in an easy way, Total Tank Simulator is still a playable game for entertainment, although it may not have the depth as the mainstream Total War series, but at least not many games allow you. Tank battle with the number up to hundreds of such where.

    Enjoy! :3

    24 may 2020 09:45 1625

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