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    A Look On World of Warships

    World of Warships is a game where players control in game warships (based on real military vessels) to try and either capture the enemy zone, or eliminate all enemy warships. When I originally found this game, I wasn't going to plan on playing it for several reasons. The biggest one being the complexity of the controls.


    I imagined that controlling a warship would require many hotkeys on the keyboard and would be difficult but I was pleased to find that this wasn't the case. In fact I am going to praise War Gaming for being able to take such complex controls and map it to the keyboard in a way that still feels natural. The autopilot feature is useful and doesn't make it feel like you are cheating in the game. I looked up some controls of battleships and I am pleased to say that Wargaming has done a good job at translating those controls over. Instead of a lever you press or S to go forwards and backwards. Pressing it once locks you in at a level of speed and pressing it again brings you one speed up. Its a little difficult to explain but I assure you once you try the game it will be very simple to understand. Turning is simple as well. Your A and S key goes turns you boat sideways respectively. Although I will mention you have to be careful where you turn as you may crash into other warships. 


    Combat in this game is pretty slow, but still quite enjoyable. Shooting missiles takes some degree of skills as you have to predict the direction of your enemy's movement and be aware as not to shoot your own allies. Moving while shooting isn't difficult either thanks to the autopilot feature and the simplistic controls. The game pairs quite well with a mouse as that is what is used to aim your missiles. There are different types of weaponry such as torpedo and more however I haven't unlocked them yet. I can only provide a little information about combat early on in the game.

    Ships and Tech Tree:

    The most amazing part of this game is probably the massive tech tree and amount of upgrades. I'm not expert in warships or war equipment, but the sheer amount of upgrades and ships you can buy is just amazing. I would imagine that most of the upgrades would reflect what you see on a real warship. If you are a fan of old warships and such you're for sure going to find these ships of interest. Just for fun I decided to compare the model to the real thing side by side, and they were quite similar! Good job War Gaming again!


    Graphics were OK at best. The water looks nice. This isn't really a big issue as you're meant to run this on older GPUs as well so this is understandable.

    Overall I really enjoyed this game. You should definitely give it a try even if you don't have a lot of interests in old Warships.  I've linked a gameplay video for you all to check out (its pretty accurate of how the game works).

    24 may 2020 08:33 1625

    article is nice and helpful but ı dont know if ı wil try the game

    24 may 2020 08:51 1625

    nice article. maybe I need to try the game in the future.

    25 may 2020 11:53 1625

    Nice thread, try making it longer and make it more enjoyable then maybe you can make it into an article

    25 may 2020 12:44 1625

    good job that article is prety great

    25 may 2020 13:15 1625

    good review

    26 may 2020 00:24 1625

    nice article i played this game a lot

    26 may 2020 00:40 1625

    wowthe game is fantastic

    26 may 2020 02:17 1625

    Pretty good article and a descent game.

    26 may 2020 20:30 1625

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