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    War Thunder - Free Golden Eagles

    Strapped for cash? Want those premium items? Don't want to get scammed?
    Thankfully Gaijin Entertainment has introduced 4 ways to earn Eagles any average joe can achieve for free.

    Method 1 - Daily Login

    Everyday you login to War Thunder you have a chance to receive Golden Eagles as well as Wagers, these Wagers come in three different tiers, Rookie Wagers, Officer Wagers and finally Commander Wagers rewarding varying amounts of Golden Eagles depending on the tier and difficulty of the challenge.

    Fun fact; the Wagers will not expire so keep them in your inventory until you feel comfortable and prepared enough to attempt the challenge.

    Method 2 - Tournaments
    Each day a range of Tournaments are held with varying rewards, typically first place will have a Golden Eagle reward amongst other premium items, like with the Wagers however the value of the rewards will be based on how difficult the Tournament is.

    It is possible as well to squad up with a friend and join the 2v2/3v3/4v4 tournaments together allowing for teamwork and unique strategies.
    Tournaments also typically take up at-least an hour so be ready to have a clear schedule and co-ordinate with your teammates so no potential Golden Eagles go to waste.

    Method 3 - Events
    Occasionally Gaijin will launch an event for a set period of time, this will be some kind of difficult scenario where your score will be added to the leaderboard, similarly to the Tournaments the first place reward is normally Golden Eagles, like with the first two methods achieving first place on an Event is an extremely difficult task so make sure you're comfortable with the vehicle you have to use.

    Method 4 - Referral Links
    Through the community tab in-game you can find your custom referral link, if you're just getting in to War Thunder for example and think some of your friends might be interested in playing then ask them to sign up via your link, the rewards won't be instant however, you'll need to wait for them to progress to the third rank of vehicles before you get any Golden Eagles, you will however get 70,000 Lions when they reach the second rank as well as an extra crew for each nation if you manage to invite 10 new players that reach rank 3.

    Arguably the easiest way to gain Golden Eagles as long as you have a bit of patience or you're willing to help out the people you get into the game to achieve the ranks needed.

    Each player you invite will also gain an extra 50 Eagles when they first start allowing them to purchase Boosters etc.

    Disclaimer for this method,
    (1) Don't go spamming your referral link on public websites/Discords, it's a quick and sure way to get yourself banned.
    (2) Don't attempt to use this method on a secondary account on the same IP, Gaijin will terminate the account.

    Hopefully this will save you some money,
    have a good day.


    24 may 2020 08:26 1625

    I love war thunders and this topic is helpful!

    1 september 2020 18:51 1625

    I downloaded the game it won't run on my pc it's just blank and when I watched the game play it's amazing

    3 september 2020 08:17 1625

    Hello i like it

    3 september 2020 12:33 1625

    nice article buddy boy

    5 september 2020 01:03 1625

    Unfortunately you stole this review off a certain site and used a word changer to mix up a few words. Nice try though.

    5 september 2020 10:38 1625

    why is it not working?

    5 september 2020 21:24 1625

    Yes it is really useful and cool

    6 september 2020 16:37 1625

    War thunder is way better than world of tanks

    6 september 2020 16:57 1625

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    18 september 2020 21:13 1625

    i like tanks and aeroplanes and that and games where you can fight eachother in either and its not like battlefield where people camp in their tanks and planes and just keep killing you

    9 october 2020 22:15 1625


    9 october 2020 22:26 1625

    oh cool nice

    17 october 2020 13:49 1625

    thanks you metods help me

    17 october 2020 15:07 1625

    Good to know

    20 october 2020 14:57 1625

    I can finally do the third task now

    20 october 2020 14:57 1625


    20 october 2020 15:25 1625


    20 october 2020 15:48 1625


    20 october 2020 15:48 1625


    20 october 2020 15:48 1625

    Oh yeah u mean free by talking ;) cool

    20 october 2020 18:08 1625

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