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    Shall i buy chests?

    do they give only runes?

    21 may 2020 10:20 1628

    I wouldn't recommend it either. Best to save up for a game you want.

    21 may 2020 11:09 1628

    No, the chances of making a profit from chests are very small. I don't recommend it either.

    21 september 2022 15:24 1628

    The free weekly chest is full of only runes. To open it you just need to sign in to gamehag every day for 7 consecutive days. If you don't want the rune that you win, you can sell it for 1 soul gem. There are a large number of chests that you pay for. The prizes inside depend on the chest. A lot of them are related to gaming. Some are virtual currencies, others have soul gems and Paypal rewards. I'd love to know if anyone has had success with any of these. Especially the ones containing soul gems and the Paypal chest. It looks tempting to try, but I suspect that most of the time you end up losing.

    11 october 2022 06:47 1628

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