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    My suggestion on how to reduce spammers

    The solution is to put a 'rule book' in the "How it works" section instead of making us users go down to the bottom to read the "terms" of this website because most users on this website are not aware of these rules, so I highly suggest that you should keep it somewhere more visible to a new user.

    (i understand that there are some moderators which posted the rules on a forum, but it still seems like there are many people who haven't seen that thread because they are probably new to this website so if we want fewer spammers on this site then we should alert and show the new users on what they shouldn't do in the forum by putting up some simple rules in the description of the forum)

    20 may 2020 09:38 8369

    People will still do it for xp anyway, they wouldnt do it if they didnt need level 3 to redeem rewards (mostly robux)

    23 may 2020 19:09 8369

    Your idea might be usefull, but a sticky post in the forum marked with important read this might be better, placing it in how it works means that you would have to look for it.

    25 may 2020 21:55 8369

    They already have those kinds of bans but my suggestion is to prevent players from suffering from those kinds of bans because many new users tend to get misled by a thread which says "spam for exp", even I was a victim of that, and even if there isn't any kind of those threads then the users will still learn that they can gain exp from commenting and then soon they will go in the wrong route of proper netiquette in the forums so to reduce most of those kinds of people I wish that there was a rule book or something like the terms of this website in the 'How it works' tab because generally, I think that the tutorial doesn't specify some parts of the websites so if they don't even put the rule book in the 'How it works' tab, at least update the tutorial where it would show us the consequences of spamming

    2 june 2020 08:39 8369

    🤡How to stop bots from creating. 🤡

    1. There should be "amount" of user per Pc.
    You can use the ID of the pc and lower the maximum user that the pc can do or how many you can do per day.
    2. The other way is to do a human verification everytime you make a new account.

    🤡How to stop people spamming on text boards/chat 🤡

    1.They should put a limit to how many sentences the people can make in a minute/30 sec.

    2.You can add a voting system to kick those who spam.

    You can also find ideas from there website/games that are good about this topic.

    2 june 2020 12:48 8369

    @Sandy2003 I hope you know that Article spams are less severe than forum thread spamming because in article spamming WE get to choose whether it gets published or not, and also we get a special button for article spams when we review other people articles, btw you also just created a spam by copying my own comment and putting it after your original comment without any context

    4 june 2020 06:25 8369

    I think the current implementation is good. Spammers lose XP, just the opposite of what they were trying to do.
    Adding it to rule book isn't gonna make much of a difference eaither as it's common sense to not spam, besides most people don't even read the rules.

    Though, I do have one suggestion. The spammers should get a notification that they lost XP for spamming, as there are too many people asking about it in the forum, creating duplicate threads.

    9 june 2020 07:28 8369

    @ineedausername that is indeed a great idea for reducing spammers as well, but the rule book is not entirely useless, it's for those curious people who really intend to find out what they are doing wrong because I see a lot of forums which says "why my exp is losing?" and many others questions. but the problem here is that sometimes we can't differentiate whether the one asking for this info is either spamming on purpose or either they are genuinely confused. so if they are genuinely confused, they can always check the rule book to see whether they are violating a certain rule but if they are intentionally doing it then it makes it much easier for the moderators to blacklist or even ban them

    9 june 2020 08:48 8369

    I mean simply just commententing enough will make users lose xp. Believe me, I just posted a whole copy pasta about loss to a forum that had nothing to do with the simple "4-panel" joke.

    9 june 2020 08:53 8369

    @retro_rave, I have no idea what you are talking about so I'm just gonna take it that you created a spam and lost your exp

    9 june 2020 09:15 8369

    also, I don't if I'm just seeing things but it seems like some of my comments are removed from this thread because my response on @teaspoon's comment has now completely disappeared with no warning or whatsoever and the same thing also happened with my response to @alfper's comment on where I accurately discussed on the root of all these spammers

    (the tutorial needs to be redone because it doesn't teach the users everything about what they shouldn't do in the forums)

    9 june 2020 09:24 8369

    @nguyn_cng_nam_khnh please don't spam, just talk normally and keep proper netiquettes

    9 june 2020 09:31 8369

    Sometimes some comments are removed? idk why but maybe cuz our gods the moderators decided to remove your comment

    9 june 2020 18:43 8369

    I think tutorial needs improvement

    9 june 2020 18:58 8369

    good point well done

    9 june 2020 20:46 8369

    i totally agree with you bro

    12 june 2020 20:51 8369

    Your suggestion has been noted and sent to the Gamehag Team for approval. Locking thread.

    15 june 2020 17:21 8369

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