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    Task not accepted even though I am sending correct proof

    My task has been rejected 3 times already despite the fact I have successfully completed the objective. I'm screenshotting the medal progress where it says 15 wins out of 100 completed but the task screenshot keeps on getting rejected. Does anyone know what you have to send to get the task accepted?

    14 may 2020 00:18 2176

    Yup me too. I've recorded a video of me completing the task and I will send it to the support team if it gets rejected one more time. Although, it might be because I had adblocker on when I did the task. Also, when I did War Thunder or World of Warships, adblocker did not effect it.

    14 may 2020 01:53 2176

    apakah apk ini real bosku

    18 may 2020 01:21 2176

    adblock doesn't seems to be the problem. I did it without adblock but still rejected.

    18 may 2020 01:23 2176

    Same thing just sucks gamehag really should fix this.

    20 may 2020 21:47 2176

    Same thing

    21 may 2020 00:25 2176

    Wow. That really sucks lol im not going to do the challenges anymore. I already downloaded the game but that is very dumb.

    21 may 2020 01:54 2176

    thankyou for the information ill postpone on doing this quest for now

    21 may 2020 04:23 2176

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