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    CS GO Skin Wear Levels

    What is CS GO?
    CS GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive) is a famous multiplayer first-person shooter game made by Valve and is free on steam.

    What are skins in CS GO?

    Skins in CS GO are just for decoration for your weapons and it is a way of showing off, prove your level, or just to flex your money by buying expensive skins.  There are over 700 skins in CS GO ranging from the different weapons. Skins in CS GO can be obtained through drops in playing matches, bought in the steam market or any store, can be obtained through trading, and lastly from opening cases that are dropped when playing matches or they can also be obtained in the steam market or trading.

    What is a wear level of a skin?

    Wear level is the condition of a skin and expresses its value. The more beat-up the skin looks, the cheaper it will be compared to the other skin levels. It usually expresses the looks of the skin and its value in the market.


    What are the wear levels of skins?

    There are 5 wear levels of CS GO skins, the different wear levels are:

    • Factory New - It is the highest skin level, it shows the skin as if it just got out of the factory, brand new, and unused. This is the rarest wear level of a skin. This type of skin is usually the most expensive.
    • Minimal Wear - It is the second-highest skin level depicted as a little degraded although usually, the damage isn't clear on the weapon so this is also a nice cheaper skin that is similar to factory new. It is cheaper than factory new.
    • Field-Tested - Here, the damage on the skin is more clearly seen and is more degraded. The paint on the skin has come off a little. It is cheaper than minimal wear.
    • Well-Worn - The skin in this wear level is already looking really beat-up and has a lot of scratches and the damage is more visible. Although it may look bad with all the scratches, it may look cool on some skins that are compatible with it. It is cheaper than field-tested and a little bit more expensive than battle-scarred which is the lowest level.
    • Battle-Scarred - It is the lowest skin level and the cheapest one. These are the ones that make up most of the drops so there are a lot of them. It has more supply than demand because it drops a lot more than other skins so it is the cheapest.
    CS GO Skin Rarity

    The rarity of a skin (also known as skin grades) in CS GO is very important because it depicts how rare the skin is and how much its value will be when it is sold off in the market. There are 7 skin grades and 1 grade that was discontinued.

    From lowest to highest:
    • Consumer Grade (white)
    • Industrial Grade (light blue)
    • Mil-spec (blue)
    • Restricted (purple)
    • Classified (pink)
    • Covert (red)
    • Exceedingly Rare (gold)

    That concludes the article, hope you enjoyed and learned more about the skins in CS GO.

    12 may 2020 16:50 1625

    i love factorynew skins!

    20 may 2020 23:11 1625

    great informations! thank you

    21 may 2020 03:51 1625

    skins r ot important

    21 may 2020 09:06 1625

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    24 august 2020 16:07 1625

    isnt knifes covert?

    24 august 2020 21:47 1625

    I'm very good at this game but i don't have any skins:(

    25 august 2020 02:02 1625

    well worn is the worst condition

    26 august 2020 02:18 1625

    good job. that article was very nice

    26 august 2020 04:26 1625

    When i go to the plane, play CSGO without the headphone
    CSGO said: Bomb Has been planted!

    26 august 2020 05:53 1625

    I started playing csgo i week ago i got 30 hours on it

    26 august 2020 16:27 1625

    CS GO skins good

    26 august 2020 16:29 1625

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    26 august 2020 20:59 1625


    16 september 2020 13:06 1625

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    16 september 2020 13:07 1625

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    16 september 2020 13:30 1625

    Wow Nice Article good quality

    16 september 2020 13:48 1625

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