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    Castle 12

    I am unable to find the task any more for the castle 12 reward for making an account from the link. It took me a week or so to reach there and the task doesnt show up anymore.

    23 february 2018 17:10 2212

    Yeah these offers take a week, its not an instant offer to level the castle to 12. If someone has started the offer then the offer should remain. Now even if you try attack level 2 monsters you wont even get that and you wont be able to do the offer from any other wall as you already have an account.

    24 february 2018 03:45 2212

    I spent a lot of time around 9 - 10 days constantly to reach the level and no gems came. Its no use anymore to spend time like this.

    25 february 2018 13:54 2212

    The task from gamehag works (to attack a lvl 2 monster). I completed it in in one day and got my SG.

    25 february 2018 15:09 2212

    Glad for you I should have gone for that instead of the castle level up. There were 3 tasks.

    2 march 2018 05:28 2212

    Sending the email to the task provider with proof helped me get the credits, so make sufficient proof before you take on the tasks from the offer wall.

    4 march 2018 10:49 2212

    i have no tasks on wall of terror and the expet support of gamehag is unable to do anything. Nice the have bugs and they cant do something

    19 may 2018 17:35 2212

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