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    Outlast (story)

    Miles Upshur is a freelance journalist who obtains a secret source of confidential information from the Mount Massive Asylum, which is under the management of the company of Murkoff. When entering the mental hospital, Miles sees the corpses of the guards and workers of the dormitory circling in the corridors.

    For this reason, psychiatric patients also escaped and travel freely throughout the country. Miles goes to the gymnasium, and when he arrives at the dormitory, he faces a police soldier who has been kicked. He tells Miles that he will run away from this house for a while. But he continues and is attacked by a stranger named Chris Walker, and so he falls from the window and goes to another part of the hospital. When Miles comes to power, he comes up with another person, Father Martin, who thinks he's a priest. Martin tells Miles that Miles has been sent from God to witness Martin's work. Miles then becomes insensible. Mills, when she comes back to her, tries to find a way out of the hospital, and survives the attacks of Chris Walker and other psychiatric patients. But before he escapes, he falls to Telemartin, who again speaks of his earlier words; he again says that Miles should stay in the country and witness the events that take place there. Remaining remains of the remains of the maternal guard guards to Miles, allegedly tortured and killed by a supernatural force called Walrider. Then Martin passes through the anesthetized Miles to the patient's cells in the home. He is there with two patients called twins. The twins say to Miles they want to kill him and eat him, but they can’t harm Miles because of Martin's order. For this reason, Miles will have to cross the sewage tunnels to reach his goal. It is then attacked by other patients, but ultimately escapes to the bathroom floor of the hospital. When it comes to the bathroom, it is again attacked by Chris Walker and again escapes through air-conditioning pipes. In the next, when Miles is put at a standstill, Miles will inevitably enter a small elevator used to move food and equipment between classes, and goes up. But the one who kills him at the top is a crazy doctor called Dr. Trager. Dr. Trager tightens him into a wheelchair, cutting off one finger from each of his hands. Nevertheless, Miles escapes from his hand, and Dr. Trager stuck at the elevator and is killed. Mills re-sees Martin. He goes on to go to the backyard where he is attacked by Val Rider. At this moment, we find that Wall Rider is a soul-like entity that can only be seen when the night-vision mode of the Miles is clear. Miles goes to the various classes of the hospital and eventually witnesses the self-immolation of Martin who has crossed himself. Martin, before he burns himself, gives Miles the key to the elevator and tells him to get him to the exit. But when the Miles gets inside the elevator, instead of the outlet, it's taken to the military laboratory that was built in the basement of the country house. Chris Walker is again attacking Miles, but just before Miles is killed by him, Val-Rider's head will be found. Wall Rider kills the walker cruelly and disappears. Miles continues and eventually faces Dr. Wernicke. He is responsible for, and chairman of, all the tests that have been conducted in the home. Dr. Wernicke told Miles that Wall Rider was the product of a nanotechnology experiment on a midwife called Billy Hope, and that Wall Rider He is controlled. Dr. Wernicke orders Miles to find Billy Hoop in the lab and by turning off the devices that kept him alive, causing him to die, so that Wall Rider disappears. After doing this, Miles is attacked by Val Rider and hardly hurt, but survives. Miles goes hard on the outlet and faces Dr. Wernicke, who has several military guards next to him. As soon as they see Miles, the Guards begin firing towards him. Miles falls on the floor and the scene goes black. Meanwhile, Dr. Wernicke says the body of Miles is now the new owner of the Wall Street. Then there comes scream of scary fears and shots that are likely to indicate that Wall Rider (and also Miles) have not died and are still alive.

    16 february 2018 15:07 1625

    So Sorry that people aren't talking about this game anymore, to be more specified i had to use the search bar to search for topic connected with this game. The game is nothing more, nothing less but an ADDICTIVE Interesting horror story, with awersome audio quality, average graphics... Simply in love ❤

    31 january 2019 21:38 1625

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