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    This game kept me wondering

    This game kept me wondering for a while if I liked it or not. My first impression was good, in my opinion it has a big potential, the F2P model applied here is simply one of the best I've seen in a game. The game itself is fun, even in it's repetitiveness. There's so much content in here to keep you around for days. I played it for quite a long time but finally I ended up hating it. Now it makes me sad to say that I really hate this game. I do not think it is the game itself that is not good, I do not believe it. It's the community and the way it is managed that is horrendous. Players are just bad people. When I quit playing I decided this game just takes out the worst of everyone who plays it. And that is sad, 'cause the game was sometimes funny.

    11 february 2018 14:37 77

    nice i would like to see that game :D

    15 february 2018 23:34 77

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