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    can we really complete the games mission given by gamehag

    cuz i have been playing it from like 10 to 20 days then also have not seen any level

    4 may 2020 16:16 6547

    yes lol my friend did all of them from world of warships in 1 day an he got everything

    4 may 2020 16:43 6547

    I hope, its almost done downloading. World of tanks was easy.

    5 may 2020 01:09 6547

    how do we do it

    5 may 2020 05:58 6547

    game hag is very gaming platiform in Forums

    5 may 2020 12:57 6547

    Sure thing, ain't that hard and enjoyable at the same time. I even downloaded it on my ps4 after trying it on pc

    5 may 2020 14:36 6547

    I hope. I will try it if it worked with you

    5 may 2020 23:21 6547

    If you want to finish it quickly, I have some tips for you. First of all, play co-op battles for really quick games, bots are just so bad that you can take advantage of it. Next is to use destroyers and cruisers as a choice of ship. they have torpedoes and, tremendous rate of fire to destroy the enemy team. Trust me, I played this game for 4 years.

    7 may 2020 14:49 6547

    If you want to join me in battle together, add me as a friend in Gamehag and I will send you my user name so we can platoon together to conquer the seas together.

    7 may 2020 14:51 6547

    no i dont think i can do the level 15 thing :( becuse is soo hard and borring

    8 may 2020 14:37 6547

    tahnks for th etips m4gamer2012 i ps does it matter how your pic is (.png or .jpg)

    8 may 2020 15:12 6547

    @RealGamer2004 No! It does not! As long as the task you are completing is clearly visible in the screenshot with your nickname on it of course.

    8 may 2020 15:51 6547

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