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    Can't sell runes for gems anymore?!

    I've not been actively using this site for a while and when I tried to sell a rune I obtained from a chest, I realised that there was no button/option to sell it anymore, unlike before. Has Gamehag stopped this practice of selling runes for gems? Some runes are completely useless and I would never consume them ever, so being unable to trade them in for gems is a right bummer. P.S. I notice the forum format has also changed. How does one use emoji now?

    7 february 2018 16:02 1628

    you havent been able to for quiet some time :3 if you look at right cornor of chatbox you can find emojis there

    7 february 2018 16:46 1628

    I think when you open the chest, it would show a button you to sell the rune or to keep it in your inventory.
    Maybe you chose to keep it in inv. (maybe that makes that unsellable)
    I've sold mine when that appeared.

    7 february 2018 17:15 1628

    Thanks for the replies! 😊 I see the emoji icon now when I'm replying 👍
    But when you make a new forum thread, the box in which you type the message has no emoji option 😑

    8 february 2018 15:31 1628

    well rip for the thread create part

    28 february 2018 03:20 1628

    Nop, there’s no way to sell runes anymore. Sometimes the website glitches and you can sell them after opening a chest, but otherwise you cant sell them.

    28 february 2018 11:23 1628

    Im keeping them all so i can sell them when this bullsh** is over :)

    28 february 2018 11:24 1628

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