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    Can you get banned from Gamehag

    Hi,Just asking.Can you get banned and how,and would that be permently or forever.

    1 may 2020 20:04 1628

    Yes you can get banned from Gamehag
    1st offence: 1-day ban
    2nd offence: 7-day ban
    3rd offence: 1-month ban
    4th offence: permanently banned
    Though this was before Gamehag was suffering from a lot of greedy spamming users, now its more peaceful so it's a little more forgiving than what it was before because I was on my 2nd offence and when I accidentally said or did something wrong AGAIN after 3-4 months they banned me for only 1 day so it shows that the moderators are thinking about their actions and they don't ban users with no reasons, they can be quite forgiving at times

    1 may 2020 20:15 1628

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