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    Anyone good at CS:GO?

    26 january 2018 17:19 1627

    i started playing csgo like 2 years and a half ago, but I stopped playing this summer because my old laptop couldn't hold it more (i was playing at less than 25 fps :/), but now my dad bought a new pc and i can play at about 150/200 fps, so i finally ranked up to nova 1 :D... i have played about 500 hours till now, (450 with that crappy laptop and the others 50 with the new pc :D)

    10 february 2018 16:14 1627

    somebody want a steam account with only cs go ?

    15 february 2018 11:03 1627

    CSGO is a skill based game... and can be learnt

    16 february 2018 11:47 1627

    I hve 1954 hours in this game , it was an amazing game before cheaters destroy this lovely game

    21 february 2018 17:48 1627

    Not really, surfing is more fun than anything

    21 february 2018 20:20 1627

    Do you remember the famous version of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon with its distinctive ideas that won the admiration of many? One of us does not know the game of Trails for racing in crazy environments and one of the best download games in previous years! Well, what do you expect when Ubisoft launches the idea of merging the two games into one game and releasing them in a surprising way after the A3 this year! The answer to this question in short: a disaster! This is what we will discuss in the following lines ahahahaha

    22 february 2018 15:06 1627

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