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    Tired of not recieving gems

    How many people dont revcieve sg even if they completed tasks legitimatly and correct way

    30 april 2020 17:14 1628

    I dont even recieve when i report i dont recieved soul gems to gamehag they tell me to contact offer giver as its not their fault but offer givers also dont give me sg when i contact them so what are we supposed to do? Do all the tasks and hope gamehag will give me some of my hard earned SG?

    30 april 2020 17:16 1628

    I kinda got confused if you're talking about the contracts or the in-game tasks.
    Let's talk about contracts.
    You have to understand that contracts are weird - sometimes they reward you, sometimes not. It's not Gamehag's fault, because the process is automatic after completing an offer. Personally, I received my soul gems after completing some offers by using the offer wall... But sometimes, it doesn't work for me too, and I can't do anything about it. It's not Gamehag's fault since they aren't the offers providers.

    About the in-game tasks.
    You can profit out of them really easily if you completed them correctly and also if you filled up all the requirements. However, sometimes they can get rejected even though you filled up all the requirements... So, in this case, you can ask Misty if she can check them for you manually.

    I wish you the best of luck :)

    30 april 2020 21:49 1628

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