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    Warcraft Stories 'Artes(Human)'

    About the most important character in the warcarft series

    i will write for others too

    On one day in one of the fantasy cities of this world, a prince was born. At that time his name was called Prince Artas. He was very strong and powerful, and the eyes of all the people of that nation were supernatural kingdoms such as Artas, yes, he grew up to the man He became very courageous and kind and protecting his own people as his own children, and on that day, Artas and Lord Adder, who was one of the silver hands of Paladin, paid him to the war with the Orcs. At that time, Orcs and humans stumbled like crazy men and fought together in one of the wars Artas with Ader, who was one ARC strong commander to kill and did the same thing
    And from here Ader was faced with devilish creatures. Yet, with an end to all the nations, Artas had heard of the brutal murder of his people in Northland and elsewhere that were killed by the latter. Artas with Gina Pradmor, one It was accompanied by skilled wizards, they acquired clues about the existence of the devil in that land, and the magic of the great devil was blown up, and if the citizens used it, they would become a terrible zombie, Artas sought. That would stop the brutal ending, but she was late and shipped to the city. Artas was faced with one of the wizards of the End, who was the cause of sabotage at Calimudor, and he was killed at the same time. After that, the new Artas story began, and his fate was eating. Artas, who saw nothing else to do. It was thought that before
    their people turned into zombies, they would kill them at night, because if they did not do it, they would become the Andes. Artas offered his offer to Lord Ader and Jina Pradmor, but with the opposition Ader and Jina were justified. Ader said: boy if you're crazy you have been killed, you know that I will never help you in this way. Artas said: "I am above you. I will instruct you to help me as my future king, and if you do not go away from my eyes." Shaw, I'll count it on you and I'll punish you. Lord Ader said: "Damn you, I'll go to my artes. Jina went with her and went away from the campus of Artas, and only loyalists stood there. Artas was there with Malagas, who brought her to her misery and the spirit of his devil, and Artaz, the chief of the arts, could kill his people and He went to Northland to follow Little Grunge's Little Elven and to North with his old colleague Moradine, he said, "We are trapped in the end. You can save us. Here is where Moradine cites Artes the worst news." The story of the Frost Mourin Artas sword to kill Mal Gans to wherever you follow the sword with Moradine to the snowy and icy mountains And finally you find it, but Moradin faced with an unexpected thing, told Arthas: Artas, this sword is damned, and if anyone takes it, the worst curses will be sent to him. Artas, with disregard for "I will endure any curse to save my country," said Moradin. Murates, who took the sword from the crystalline balloon at the moment, caused Moradine to be slaughtered by the sword's crystals. Artas returned to the small devil of Gans, who killed him. And became a great evil, commanded by Thichandrios, commander of the latter.


    15 january 2018 13:51 1625

    Thread has nothing to do with gamehag, if your gonna use the fourms, please don't make random threads as it's bannable and exp loss.

    23 june 2019 21:47 1625

    @pleasegimmepoints you are actually wrong, this thread is an article that got placed here by the admins themselves because it has been decided that it's not good enough for the article section but still worth points and sharing. So this is not a random thread and considering it is about a game it even if it wasn't placed here by the moderates it would still be allowed. Try to be more mindfull of what you say next time

    23 june 2019 23:51 1625

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