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    Roblox VR Evolution

    Hello! This is an article talking about the dark evolution of Roblox VR. First, it was horrible with a very high chance of giving you motion sickness. Now, Roblox developers made games that are compatible with VR and are fun!

    1. The Dark Past
    At the time Roblox VR was released, people were like "Woah, that's nice!" but when they tried it, it was just a mess of motion sickness. Especially when you were getting in First Person, that's when it was going wrong. It was a mess, nobody understood it. Take this example from a YouTuber called KonekoKitten. It was a mess from his experience. And yes, I know. This was around the time good Roblox VR games were shining, 2019. But this is just an example.

    See? These things were happening cause these games are not compatible with Roblox VR. I mean any game is compatible to play but oh man, it is a disaster to play. But there's no matter! We are gonna see what comes next with Roblox VR!
    2. How Roblox VR is now (it's so good)
    So, you know what Roblox is, right? It is a platform for making any game you want. Keep that in mind, cause we are gonna see how Roblox Developers made Roblox VR shine! There are lots of good games specifically made for Roblox VR, like Sked's VR Playground, VR Hands, VRBLOX, and way more! It is a fever dream, not gonna lie. And well, I can see that some people have scripts to use VR in any game they want using exploits, but I'm sure they will get past it with ALT accounts. Please don't ban me. Also, if you did not realize, Sked had saved Roblox VR with these games. Seriously, he even made a VR Community! He is the real God of VR.
    3. What else is there to cover?
    I do not know, and there are not enough characters for this article to be made. But let's just talk about some stuff about Roblox VR.
    There are some people who still play incompatible VR games in Roblox for fun, cause they already know the basics of VR and how to deal with motion sickness. I mean, I have to give that applause!
    There is a YouTuber called Flamingo, and he bought an Oculus Rift S specifically to play Roblox VR for YouTube. Well sure, he did play other games, but playing Roblox VR was the original point, cause he asked for a like goal and if he hit it, he would buy a VR Headset. He did hit the like goal, but at first, he bought a Vive Cosmos. At first, you might say "Hey, that's a great headset! That should work with Roblox VR, right? " It didn't. He asked twitter to see why it didn't work, but they said it's not compatible. So, in a YouTube video, he said that the Vive Cosmos was the only headset in existence (the only one he could buy) so he got it, and it did not work. But later, he got an Oculus Rift S and everything was fine from now on.
    Thanks for reading!

    28 april 2020 12:50 1625

    do not know, and there are not enough characters for this article to be made. But let's just talk about some stuff about Roblox VR.

    6 june 2020 17:56 1625

    Prob best thing that happend since tix

    11 june 2020 01:36 1625

    what is roblox VR?

    17 june 2020 17:52 1625

    wery nice

    17 june 2020 19:46 1625

    poopy fart

    18 june 2020 10:02 1625

    its good maybe

    18 june 2020 10:10 1625

    i wish i had a vr

    19 june 2020 11:41 1625

    vr roblox is ok i guess

    19 june 2020 11:51 1625

    roblox with vr is erally niice

    19 june 2020 12:38 1625

    WoW 💯

    20 june 2020 09:43 1625

    I would love to get a vr headset and play roblox with it

    13 july 2020 20:43 1625

    thank you so much for this guide

    9 august 2020 20:07 1625

    That is so great~!!!

    10 august 2020 08:00 1625

    i wish i had vr set so i could play those vr games :(

    12 august 2020 11:19 1625

    so i will try to convince my parents to buy me one

    12 august 2020 11:19 1625

    hope you all have a great day

    12 august 2020 11:19 1625

    and btw this artical was petty good

    12 august 2020 11:20 1625

    roblox vr is very good update

    15 september 2020 23:30 1625

    its a nice game

    16 september 2020 04:16 1625

    i wish i have robux

    16 september 2020 05:39 1625

    iwant robux

    16 september 2020 05:39 1625

    pls give me

    16 september 2020 05:39 1625


    16 september 2020 05:40 1625

    I should try testing vr sometimes its really fun to play with

    16 september 2020 13:54 1625

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