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    I want to wholeheartedly thank you for having decided to read this article of a fantastic arcade game I am going to talk about but first let us all remind ourselves of the childhood when our parents used to tell us stories about the witches. Guess what? This gallant and ravishing Witch Misty will leave you breathless with the elegance of her motion unlike any other and I promise you she is not going to cause you any harm she will be fighting by your side as always!
    Everyone give our beloved Misty a hug! <3

    Now that I have succeeded in convincing you that Misty is not just a harmless witch but also an invaluable friend I will guide you through this mysterious forest where Misty is eagerly waiting for you. You will find her nestled atop the magical stone being haunted by a ferocious dragon who mercilessly hurls its cursed fireballs upon her and your task will be to help Misty survive its attacks until she enters the castle on a cloud and expertly jump to slay the vile beast. This delicate world is comprised of twenty four majestic scenes and let me put it simple how can you help our precious Misty. You will be able to point her in the right direction whether it should be left or right but also she will be forced to fly sometimes because you know she is using her invisible broom! And now let's get to the best part you have all been waiting for - it's claiming the grand prize! Upon the completition of the fourth episode you will just tell Misty your name on this site and she will reward you for having aided her in her endeavors but do not let it stop you from finishing what you started because I am sure you will all treasure some brilliant and spectacular experiences in this world. Best wishes and I wish you good luck dear members! Thank you for reading this once more. Bye bye! <3

    Special Thanks to The GameHag Team and all those who provided them with the support
    I love this place!

    5 january 2018 11:56 1625

    hahaha owiw

    11 august 2019 15:04 1625

    whats the game called?

    22 august 2019 03:44 1625


    22 august 2019 07:48 1625


    24 august 2019 11:14 1625

    Another form of PvE content is Fractals of the Mists. In my opinion, If raids aren't quite your thing or you simply aren't ready for the commitment yet, Fractals of the Mists are the

    24 august 2019 18:23 1625

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