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    Does Gamehag rewards even work?

    It's been 2 weeks since I ordered my Steam €5 reward, but I haven't received it.

    3 january 2018 06:47 1628

    I also ordered Steam Wallet 5€ reward 2 weeks ago, but still haven't received it.

    3 january 2018 14:48 1628

    I ordered 2 times steam wallet like you. ı received first one 11 days later. ı received other one 19 days later .
    Be patient. They give. You can write misty if you have any question also.

    3 january 2018 21:57 1628

    it pretty much depends on how popular the reward you selected among the users is the more its being sought the longer its delivery its gonna take its logical

    4 january 2018 00:41 1628

    more than 80 % of the people are interested in the same reward as you are so I believe it might take up to 4 weeks in total

    4 january 2018 00:43 1628

    but do not worry you will get it eventually just be patient

    4 january 2018 00:44 1628

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