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    Extra 4 soul gems a week.

    So, now you are able to buy runes on the shop. The mannaz rune is an orange colored rune which gives you a bonus of 40% soul gems for 7 days - Means it give you 7 soul gems a day instead of 5. You can buy it for 10 soul gems on shop and it gives you a weekly profit of 39 soul gems (taking off the rune cost), when regulary you will earn 35. Free 4 soul gems a week. It's a small amount but the effort is low and in long term this might help you - so I thought I should put it here. Have a nice weekend!

    30 december 2017 09:32 1628

    Glad to help!

    30 december 2017 10:28 1628

    that was interesting😀

    30 december 2017 11:59 1628

    Nice, thanks 👍

    31 december 2017 02:58 1628

    One year has approximatly 52 weeks and if each rewards with 4 bonus soul gems in the end you end up with 208 soul gems. Do you think it's worth it? If it was giving you 40 % bonus soul gem for the last day of the week which normally grants you 20 points I might be considering but for now it's nothing special in my opinion.

    31 december 2017 04:43 1628

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