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    can i leave ADD A GAME OR A REWARD of gamehag article section blank?

    I am writing about something that isn't a game or a reward . so can i leave ADD A GAME OR A REWARD blank???

    29 december 2017 05:47 1628

    I don't think so. Just fill it in with a general word of what your writing about. I did an article about Premium Currency, which is basically linked to every online game. So I filled in Premium Currency or something.

    I think for all they care, you can just fill in whatever the **** you want.

    29 december 2017 13:30 1628

    thanks dracindo

    29 december 2017 14:55 1628

    what are you writting about?

    29 december 2017 17:33 1628

    you can try to leave it blank, but I don't think they'll accept it

    29 december 2017 17:35 1628

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