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    Types of ships

    Whats the best type of ship

    24 april 2020 09:34 6547

    depends on your play style

    25 april 2020 16:53 6547

    if you want to deal damage use a destroyer
    If you want to be tanky use a battleship
    If you want the best of both worlds just use a cruiser and if you want to play safe and do almost nothing use an Aircraft Carrier😐

    25 april 2020 17:00 6547

    Take a look at their stats and their active abilities and decide it for yourself.
    But if you need something truly op with almost no drawbacks, go for something like the Graf Spee, Kaga etc., they are pretty broken, at least in WoWs Blitz.

    26 april 2020 04:38 6547

    CV is actually fun to play, its not useless. When you get to tier 7 enem CV in random battles is just annoying.

    26 april 2020 04:39 6547

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